A Garda and army convoy arrives At the Special Criminal Court in Dublin earlier.

Brother of Murdered Dissident Alan Ryan Charged With Possessing Assault Rifle (Irish Independent)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

22 thoughts on “Fo Real

  1. Fred

    It’s outrageous that the Gardai are harassing this innocent Republican so soon after the death of a family member. Why aren’t they out arresting people for selling ten spots?

  2. Van

    The Army have fancy new jeep’s don’t they?! Bet the Gardaí wouldn’t mind a few day-cent new vehicles.
    What was the mindset in the Celtic Tiger era, of supplying our police force with Yaris’s? Sorry ..completely off topic.
    Good to see that this shower of Counterfeit-IRA are off the streets for a while.

  3. Kat8

    Though obviously safety of the gardai and the non-escape of the suspects is essential, I imagine this kind of escort and security flatters the suspects and any criminal organisations that they allegedly are members of.

  4. orieldude

    22. Therefore an 8 year old child when Omagh happened, and a four year old when the Provos copped on that they weren’t going to win.

    Dealing with unreconstructed 50-somethings is one thing; this next generation need a good kicking

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