Go Green With Useless Electronics


Landigan writes:

As you know AIB are forcing customers to swap to electronic card readers instead of the old code cards (100 single-use verification numbers) for online banking. Mine arrived yesterday, and what’s printed on the accompanying leaflet?
“We want to do our bit for the environment. That’s why AIB has created ‘Add more green’, a range of environmentally-friendly initiatives that will help us and our customers create a greener world.”

Nothing overly controversial — I just think there’s a conflict between claiming a ‘going green’ mission and replacing a fairly low-impact security system (code cards) with thousands of new plastic-and-electronic devices.

38 thoughts on “Go Green With Useless Electronics

  1. booyah

    These came out ages ago. I completely agree that they’re a waste of time. The old code card was very handy, keep it in the wallet and you could add a new payee to your online banking with no hassle, anytime, anywhere (if you have a smartphone). No one is gonna carry one of these yokes around with them.

    1. mike


      I also asked “our bank” if they could justify the cost of producing these items and was told that the fraud levels were more than the cost. Apparently people are regularly sharing their code-cards with others!

      When I pointed out that I couldn’t carry that yoke in my wallet if I wanted to initiate a transaction while I was at work, I was told that any one of them would do, didn’t have to be mine. Just needed to borrow a colleagues at work. Doesn’t sound very anti-fraud to but I was fed up asking questions by that time.

  2. GFC

    This thing is a complete waste of time, i’d my old code card photographed and stored in my phone, now i’ve to go searching for this fu*king thing!! I’ll put it beside my 6 remote controls…

    1. Mario Balotelli

      Me too, so handy on the phone.. had my codes whenever I needed them. These yokes are a step backwards..

  3. Timmy

    They are less convenient and less green. A little bit more secure perhaps but I’d rather the other two.

  4. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt on

    No wonder they will be increasing mortgages to pay for this type of nonsense. Really out of touch with what customers want. All 70,000 of them who have the increase. Sh1tebags.

  5. Grammar Dude

    Not to say the bank is great otherwise, but pTSB just send you a text when you set up a new bank transfer. Slightly more environmentally friendly and still secure!

    1. colmahhh

      Yep, I find this to be a system that works well and can’t see how a lump of plastic would improve things.

  6. Walter Whie

    AIB are caaaaaannttts for doin this….code card was the right job…now this bloody thing…..there goin down….all the way to chinatown!!!

    1. Xiao Liu

      Speaking of which, my Chinese bank also just sends me a text or whatever, which is super cheap and green. Bet they’re making massive profits from the income generated from manufacturing these yokes, too. It’s like shooting fish in a golden egg.

  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    I agree. Ulster Bank sent me one of these once. It still slides about now and then at the back of a drawer full of (similar) cheap, useless plastic trash, pens, keys, trolley tokens, marbles, hairbands, blu-tack and household-charge reminders.

    Course the banks will justify these as “anti-fraud” and enhancing their customers’ banking experience. Plus they only cost them 0.030 cent per unit (including shipping) from Taiwan.

  8. Wheelz

    If you like having your account insured against fraud don’t complain. These are the norm in most countries outside Ireland for a few years now. As cyber crime advances so too must technology for security.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I would have thought there has been a trend toward less technology from the point of view of the end-user. Why else do the cyber police-check points want to know the make of my first car or my first pet?

      1. Captain Logic

        They may have been common a few years back on the contitnent, but a lot have banks have moved towards SMS as a way to set up new payments. I have an account with one of the biggest banks in Germany and everytime I need to make a new payment they send me a code by text.

        Far simpler, easier and ‘environmentally friendly’ than this shite. #greenwashing

    2. Friday

      I live in Europe now and we have nothing of the sort. In fact, I miss my AIB code card, now that I have a huge list of TAN numbers to carry around with me. When I lived in the UK and banked with HSBC I had a yoke to generate new codes every time I logged in, but it was nothing to do with my ATM card and it was flat and smaller than a small box of matches. It fit in the back of my wallet.

      I got one of those AIB monstrosities about two years ago…It’s sitting in a box in my parents’ house in Ireland. I’m still using my code card.

  9. SBY

    I want a bank that burns a notification of each bank transaction in 50ft letters across the rainforest with a space laser mounted on a nuclear satellite – I’ll use google earth to find my balance.

  10. Old Man

    Ulsterbank introduced this a couple of years back and to date they have sent me 3 card readers, which i have never used

  11. Ronald Spray gun

    When Even PTSB (the worst IT literate bank on earth) have moved to a text to confirm minor transactions, AIB should take a look at themselves.

    Till such times as I can pay for and accept payments on my smartphone, I’m moving more towards a more shoe box based technology for all my banking needs, and the mattress for larger denominations, should I ever get into that situation again.

    Bof I charged me €5 for cancelling a dormant DD on banking 365 the other day, won’t be doing any tidying up again, it can look as messy as it likes on my DD page.

  12. Peter O'Sullivan

    I recently opened an AIB account in the last 2 years so I was given this card reader for free. After a year it stopped working (probably due to it being made cheap in Asia) and guess what? AIB forced me to pay €5 to order a new one!!!!!

    I don’t think all the people who were forced to get a card reader recently will be happy to pay €5 when it eventually breaks in a few years??!!

  13. Pants

    The poster is right. Nothing green about this procedure.

    But they don’t give a monkeys unless you leave them.

    But people won’t, just as they vote for the same monkeys.

  14. timbot

    I agree that these are more secure but couldn’t they have come up with something that at least fits on a keyring. The whole point of Internet banking is that you can do it anywhere but this is just another silly device I have to carry around with me. Surely a keyfob challenge/response unit plus password could have been used?

  15. m007

    I signed up for AIB two years ago and this was the only option, not sure if I had to pay a fiver for it or not. Pretty annoying if you don’t have it with you for a simple transaction.

  16. Dee

    You only have to use it for transferring into people’s account you don’t have stored already so not that bad. It’s been around for about 2 years

  17. bh

    So the paper leaflet they sent out with the placky card reader is made from recycled paper. Makes you feel great to be green.

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