Meanwhile, In Montrose


From RTE:

Awesome one-take music video to promote RTÉ Big Music Week 2012. This video was filmed on the grounds of RTÉ on Saturday 29 September 2012. Shot in one continuous take, featuring a cast of hundreds lip-synching to the classic Irish rock song by The Stunning, ‘Brewing Up a Storm’.

84 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Montrose

  1. Andy m

    Deadly ad! Looks like great craic!! And not to put a dampner on it but the amount of “high profile” presenters there on the RTE books…. Ahem…. enough said!

    1. Mike

      Fantastic ad – would not have expected that standard from RTE!

      There was a lot of “dad dancing at a wedding” going on but it was funny!

      Aoibheann Ni One Eye looks pretty foxy.

    1. Joe

      The video looks about 20 years old. Using a song from an upcoming Irish act would have helped. I have a serious hate for that song. The Stunning, a prime example of a band surviving on one song.

          1. cynical Mary

            Although one, would be Cynical enough to argue that they are connected……. a press seeking mission dissing Arthurs Day (albeit bad press) and then playing Guinness Jazz festival, played the Guinness Hurling final 2 weeks ago, appeared on Moone Boy and now this? coincidence????

  2. Dude

    Baywatch girl is Tubridy’s girlfriend I think. Is there a cock up with the weather girl at about 0.20?

  3. bucko

    That’s just cringe worthy. Hate the “Stunning”, they’re anything but…

    Agree about lovely girl though, she is stunning!

  4. Jockstrap

    RTE needs to stop making it all about themselves. This ‘Montrose’ cocoon is nauseating.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Sky and BBC (all TV stations even, bar euronews as they are faceless) do ads featuring their presenters. Why not RTE?

      It’s a humorous effort that’s well done.

      My first thought was, wait until the Broadsheeters get a hold of this and they’ll rip it apart… but it’s been pretty positive for them judging by the majority of comments so far :)

    1. gay byrne


      how does this serve us as a people?!? tried to point this out on their youtube page, but my comment is awaiting moderation.

  5. kerryview

    Jesus wept. From the outside RTE looks like a cold glass/concrete block Now plants, trees, covered walkways, an atrium any self respecting shopping mall would be proud of are shown. What a working environment,
    Can’t wait to pay the licence fee.

  6. jonathanocm

    Ah lads! You’re being a bit unfair here. This obviously took a load of effort and planning, not to mention so many people giving up their time to get involved.

    More to the point, it’s a bit of fun on a Monday morning!

        1. Jockstrap

          “so many people giving up their time to get involved”

          It’s a f**king PR exercise for RTE. They benefit from it FFS.

          1. jonathanocm

            That would be a point well made if RTE were the only ones benefiting from the Big Music Week.. And if all those people getting involved were employees of RTE.

  7. Frodo

    Fair few people with a case of “the mondays” in here then. I like it, and that lady is another great way to brighten a dull Monday. Fair play to the positive folk here, and cheer up the rest of you – Just one thing to note, those of you criticising the fact that it’s not exactly “original”, none of you posted to actual original.

  8. Wayne Carr

    I quite like this actually. Anything with Aonghus McNally is usually excellent to be fair. Bring back the Irish Open at Goffs RTÉ

    1. Mani

      RTE sold her to a Emirates Sheikh for 15 million euros. Next time you see a Craig Doyle show, know that its been funded by Ann Doyle’s rigours.

  9. James van der Kamp

    This is what you get for €380 million per year. Enjoy.

    5 minutes of the girl in the fitted pinafore would be better.

  10. Motober

    A knock-off of a 5-year old idea presented by the same woeful hacks. That’s the credit that’s due.

    Also the “stars” were probably paid appearances fees on top of their six figures, if not you can be sure they got taxis.

    Of course their freshest star is the son of a millionaire whose “bit” is to dress up as a lower class person. Watch him dancing about in the video. The same man child who did a Cribs type sketch in his own mansion, in blackface and now gets paid by the taxpayer to mock the people who made his daddy’s fortune.

    RTE needs to be shut down.

    1. Captain Obvious

      The Damo / Ivor character (not sure which is which) is awful simply because that character is awful. That ‘comedy sketch’ on Republic of Telly is one of the worst things ever to infect my TV, I’ve had funnier hangovers.

    2. Jockstrap

      Brought up on bad money made from the malingering of directionless inner city kids.

      Not a nice legacy to have.

  11. ArtVandelay

    jaysus, that’s brutal

    judging by their past output, its a sh1tstorm they’re brewing up.. woeful

  12. rory

    Great camera work. The camera person must have been sprinting.

    Aoibhinn Ní Shúilleabháin always looks very lovely and all that but Jaysus she is wasting away. Eat something woman, don’t be starving yourself on our accounts (you’ll still look pretty, you might even be gorgeous-er.)

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