54 thoughts on “Sad Sausage News

    1. VinLieger

      Gonna go and buy as many as i can and have a fitting tribute this weekend. Anyone else up for a sausagefest?

          1. xtrnl

            Let’s hope a lemon distribution company doesn’t go bust… no one wants to see another lemonparty

    2. davidc

      There will be a lot of empty shelves in supermarkets this week. Olhausens produced sausages for Dunnes, Lidl, Aldi to name a few. Aswell as thier own brands, Kearns, Byrnes Olhausens and West Cork.

  1. diddy

    f**k.. i didnt know they make kearns.. without doubt the best sausages in ireland or ANYWHERE for that matter.. how can it be gone under!!!???

    1. KayR

      Kearns are the BEST SAUSAGES – I live in West Cork and my family bring them down to me some weekends – I freeze them as I only like these sausages. Well, that puts paid to the sausages in the breakfast fry-up for a while … I have tried MANY brands and they are all just ok or bad. O’Flynns in Cork make good sausages but they are ‘butchers’ sausages and I would have to go to Cork to buy them – anybody tasted Cork Boy sausages?? – delicious. Somebody will use the brand name and the product will probably be rubbish. What a pity. My sympathy goes to the workers at Olhausens and I thank them for making such good sausages. Hope the future goes well for ye.

  2. rodders

    We should have eaten MOAR SAUSAGES. Let this be a lesson to us all. We have lost something great because we did not eat enough sausages

  3. Jockstrap

    Is it true that Galtee and Denny are the same company?

    It’s a bit life Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. Same shit, different packs.

    1. cluster

      Yup, Kerry Group bought all of Dairygold’s brands including Galtee. Are they still selling under the Galtee brand?

  4. pooter

    There is obviously a demand for the product. Maybe they will licence the manufacturing to someone else. Tayto stopped manufacturing crisps directly but you can still buy Tayto..

  5. Bejayziz

    Cheap tasteless saussies they are!

    Superquinn win hands down or Fallon and Byrnes bangers for those special weekends

  6. Bingo

    Gotta say that ‘Clonakilty’ & ‘Mallons’ are my favourite of the “shelf” sausages. Walk into any butchers shops & you will get top sausages. And really cheap too!

  7. Conor

    This, combined with the reported worldwide bacon shortage for next year, makes for a grim 2013 on the breakfast front.

  8. Michael

    Kearns might be tasty but full of crap, only 50 something percent “porkmeat”. Go with Bradys, Tesco finest, Dunnes simply better, Truly Irish, Spar signature range, Prue & Simons… all 70% or higher pork content

      1. Toto

        @ Michael “Kearns might be tasty but full of crap, only 50 something percent “porkmeat”. Go with …………………Dunnes”….

        Oldhausen made the Dunnes sausages.

        1. Michael

          I know that, im talking about the pork content difference between “kearns” and “dunnes simply better” ranges

  9. f-man

    Both Kearn and Oldhausen brands had dropped their price recently, I would guess to compete with the Kerry Group, OR I wonder if chain supermarkets were forcing the price down.. T*sco?? You can now get half dozen sausages for a quid now days.. which is sort of too cheap for comfort, if you know what I mean.

  10. p

    Kearns sausages will be sadly missed. The price pressure from Tesco and other retailers combined with the price of pigs on the hog market proved too much. It was not only these price pressures that lead to the closure but also the ineptitude of management over the past number of years. Senior management getting fat cheques for doing nothing, any decision that needed to be made was outsourced to consultancy companies charging extortionate fees. This company has been bled dry at the expense of the workers and people who wanted to support a company that was a part of Dublin’s landscape.

  11. h

    This is the worst news I’ve heard in a long time…

    AND they do the supervalu butcher counter rashers. A good rasher is a hard thing to find in this city.

    Sunday mornings may never be the same again. I am gutted.

  12. Ahh feck

    Kearns jumbo sausages were what kick started my weekend. Gutted. Where do I get my lovely giant peppery sausages now?

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