Meanwhile, In Ukraine


19 year-old Anastasiya ‘Anime Girl’ Shpagina and 21 year-old Valeria ‘Real Life Barbie’ Lukyanova – together at last in the one photoshoot.

MORE PIX: Ukraine’s Anime Girl and Real Barbie Meet Face to Eerie Face! (Rocket News)

24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Ukraine

        1. C

          They’ve been around for months now. There is video on Youtube, BUT she never talks on them, and they are just her blinking or moving slightly and are about 7 seconds long. Suspect.

  1. well

    These two are going to be considered trail blazers in a few years.

    As medical science advances, surgery gets cheaper ,more acceptable and safer.

    the future is going to be weird.

    1. Molly Millions

      I have been waiting for the cyber-surgery revolution, but I was promised knives for nails, mirror-lens shade implants and the enhanced reflexes and metabolism of a ninja.

      This is not that. :(

  2. no accountant but

    Maybe just the one surgery? If you look at valeria’s makeup tutorials on the youtube, her face look normal.

  3. AMC

    It’s worth pointing out that those shots are heavily photoshopped in the first place, particularly the 2nd picture; or at the very least involve a LOT of makeup (not to mention hair extensions and push-up bras): sure, she’s sadly had a lot of surgery done around the face, but never ever underestimate the power of Mr. Photoshop to do the rest.

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