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Phil writes:

Just dropping you a line to mention an incident you may already be aware of. Last night I noticed a boards.ie thread in which a YouTube video was posted showing three articulated lorries parked on a dual carriageway for the purposes of a photo shoot. here is a copy of the video as the original has been deleted
The boards.ie thread has also been deleted, as have all references to the incident on the Facebook page of the company involved in the shoot.


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  1. Martin

    Wow , that haulage company should be pulled up for that (no pun intended) but there could have been a serious accident there. Idiots!

    1. Professor Piehead

      It’s brilliant that people like yourself still have that legendary devil-may-care, up-for-the-craic, fuck-‘elf -and-safety, sod-the-authorities attitude that made this country what it is today.

      It’s a photograph of one lorry passing under a flyover on which two others from the same firm are parked up.

      It ain’t ARMEGEDDON !

      1. The Bennex

        The trouble is “that legendary devil-may-care, up-for-the-craic, fuck-’elf -and-safety, sod-the-authorities” was getting a lot of people killed on the roads.

      2. Martin

        If you had read the post correctly, you would have seen the link to the video. ARMEGEDDON it may not be but if you were driving one of those cars , I bet your panties would have been quite sticky by the time you arrived home, hopefully in one piece , ye cretin !

        1. Ciara

          But the point is on the video they are partly responsible for the accident that happened!
          An articulated lorry stopped in shadow under a bridge with just its hazards on isn’t a ideal situation in an emergency…This was not an emergency.Their ill thought out photo shoot could have killed people. The two cars that collided could have come off much worse…. if someone had died would their actions still be excusable?
          How about the other videos
          One where they have a 3 truck convoy taking over a two way road and the hard shoulder forcing other traffic off the road and nearly hitting a small car in the hard shoulder?
          Or where a driver of theirs reverses down a main road to get a better video/picture forcing cars to overtake on a double white line into oncoming traffic…
          Or where a number fo their trucks take to a roundabout flashing their lights and sounding horns preventing other cars from safely using the road….

          This company is a disgrace and a danger on the roads. They should be made accountable for their dangerous actions.

    2. Paddy

      Forget being pulled up. There should be charges brought, licences lost. Large fines. Very dangerous indeed.

  2. Cranky

    This is like the roundabout one a few weeks ago, Irish drivers just ignore the law on the road when it suits them, and stopping on Motorways is one that really p1sses me off…it really grinds my gears…I’ll get my coat

  3. Jockstrap


    This is what happens when some ignorant business owner tries to cut costs by using an amateur to do a professional’s job.

    You cannot take shots like that on a public road without permission and a full safety plan in place.

    Big ignorant haulage man wants photos of his trucks in a stupid set up. Loads of trucks, more trucks, go on there Mick.

    Pay a pro and get it done right

  4. Iorek

    I read this on boards last night too and noticed how the videos were gradually being deleted! I’m guessing this broadsheet post is going to be deleted next too!

  5. Pip

    why was it deleted? i dont understand? something to do with libel or a pending case? well it wont be deleted from youtube so comment away there. youtube the last bastion of free speech.

        1. B-O'connell

          Actually your post doesn’t belong here – so I’ve moved it and you meant to say Twats not the word you said – so I changed it. Also you meant the opposite so I disagree.

  6. Wayne.F

    Are we just making the assumption that permission had not been sought? Or do we know that the road (Flyover here) was open to the public?

    1. bob

      I’m guessing you’re missing the truck parked in one of the lanes (not lay by) of dual carriage way, causing two cars to bump?

      1. Wayne.F

        You are right I did! Oops, but the question remains what are the facts that we are not aware off here?

        For the videos to be pulled by boards and youtube I am guessing there is more to this than meets the eye.

        1. bob

          Yup… someone is covering their ass I’d imagine!
          (I know nothing about this by the way… this is the first I’ve seen of it… why let that stop me jumping to some conclusions though :-))

  7. IronWhang

    Probably got the idea from the marketing intern.
    ‘The intern will gain practical experience in taking the mick. Applicant should have flagrant disregard for common sense.’

      1. MichelleOB

        Yeah, I agree, and you would realise it was not moving from enough away to break a bit at least, so unless either car was not paying attention… ALL THE SAME, does not make it excusable.

    1. Jockstrap

      You don’t expect to see a stationery truck in the left lane of a f**king motorway. You wouldn’t cop that it’s not moving until you’re very close.

      The truck shouldn’t have been there. It’s not Ireland in the 1980s anymore.

      1. baz

        Nothing should ever be stopped on front of you? What if it was heavy traffic ??? What if there was a child running across it? What if there was an accident? etc etc The lorry is bad, but there is no excuse for not paying attention to the road!

      2. funman

        Its not a motorway. And for gods sake, would people get a grip. Yes, the truck shouldnt have stopped there intentionally, but equally the drivers of the cars need to be more observant.

        Get over it.

  8. Mikko Mallikas

    I was the person who posted the videos on Truly Irish´s Facebook page. I also contacted Mc Caulliffe Trucking and the Gardaí. The Guards replied saying the videos were removed and therefore there was nothing they can do. I sent them the new links. I also mentioned that I am aware from Boards.ie that the Minister for transport has been sent copies and that the “media” has made its first reporting of this.

    1. funman

      Is this for real??? You cannot be serious!! If you are, then may I suggest that you get a life. :-)

      1. Mister Mister

        Apparently the firm displayed on the trailer had nothing to do with this, and the haulage company are also saying that it wasn’t an ‘authorised’ photo shoot either. They’re getting in touch with the people who have posted the vids asking them to remove them,

        1. Giggler

          The videos shouldn’t be removed. Shame the companies into acting more responsibly if they can’t figure it out on their own .

        2. Jockstrap

          Bollocks it wasn’t authorized. Do they expect people to believe the drivers just decided to film an ad off their own bat?

          Home made job badly done.

  9. Mister Mister

    Mmmm, and it seems the new boards thread has also been again, opposed to just being locked.

    Be afraid Broadsheet, they’ll be coming to disappear Ewok.

  10. Susan

    They are parked on a public road, property of the Irish taxpayer. They cannot just command people to delete pictures when they park their fat behinds on public property.

    Oh wait. This is Ireland. They can. Because it’s not about the law.

    Significant amounts of truck in this picture have been established to be not factual – The Irish Times

  11. Simon

    I agree that this is disgraceful but I wonder is this actually a motorway. It looks like one of those 2+2 roads like the N4 at Roosky in Longford. These type of roads are dangerous at the best of times because there is no hard shoulder and the lanes are narrow and there is no proper median, just a cable barrier.
    I wonder has the truck on the lower road just slowed down abruptly a few seconds before the video is taken causing the guy behind, who was probably distracted by the two lorries on the flyover above, not to notice and hence cause the potentially fatal accident.

    1. enda

      Yes, because the guy in the car caused the accident, not the 18-wheeler truck who ‘slowed down abruptly’ and stopped in the middle of a f**king 120km/h dual carriageway.

      1. Mikko Mallikas

        Reply e mail from Guards saying it is “shocking” and will be “passed on to Kerry Gardaí for investigation”

      2. Iorek

        Wow, if that is the location.. thats right on a bend in the road. Imagine a parked lorry suddenly coming into view while doing 120kp/h!!!

        1. funman

          you woulod have been breaking the law. The limit on that road is 100 at its fastest, and 60 for much of it.

  12. Pedantic Pat

    I’d also assume the insurance company of the car that hit the other would be interested in this video too.

    1. Praetorian.

      Well thats them shagged.Once the RSA safety officers begin an investigation and audit they dont stop till every aspect of the company is trawled.Safety standards,drivers hours compliance,operating licences….they may then decide to involve customs regarding fuel accounting which in turn welcomes the nose of the revenue commisioners.
      End of the road.

  13. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Ah Kerry, they probably mentioned it to a Healy Rae who said it would be grand.

  14. Van

    Remember the uproar when the Traveller’s were racing down whatever road it was behind the Horses? This is more if not equally as dangerous. I hope to God, the three driver’s are sacked and prosecuted an by proxy the haulage company for employing such absolute F7c*wits.

  15. Praetorian.

    Just incredible to think that a reputable,long established haulage firm would even consider an action as daft as this.
    Their national/international carrier licence should be revoked immediately without chance of appeal.All contractors would do well to distance themselves from this company.
    The HGV drivers should also be charged for negligence/operating a vehicle without due care and attention.These drivers are all,or at least should be,CPC compliant.They put lives at danger therefore should be held accountable for their actions.
    Every haulage/coach/transport operater is fighting for its life in this country….Cowboys like this should be removed from the playing field.

    1. Rob

      Don’t we already have enough unemployment? Give the management and perhaps drivers involved some kind of real, effective community service instead of adding burden to the dole (or the prisons).

      1. Praetorian.

        Oh right.The devastation caused to the family of the driver who may have been decapitated under the rear of the trailer is to be offset against these assholes loosing their jobs.
        Get a grip.

  16. Amu

    I was the one that re-uploaded the video’s to youtube. McAuliffe have messaged me to say they have passed my details onto the Gardai because they are aware of copyright laws. This just says to me they were very aware of what happened because if they want me to take it down because of copyright it must mean they themselves posted the videos in the first place.

    1. Mister Mister

      So they report you to the gardai because they’re claiming you’re breaking copyright laws ?

      Truly Irish indeed, but it’s good to know where their priorities lie.

    2. Tom

      There is absolutely no copyright infringement whatsoever in your posting this to youtube. These brain donors clearly realised what would happen if this video went viral

  17. mark

    Per Garda traffic bureau the incident is under investigation as they have received a lot of complaints about it.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yes, this is turning out similar to the Cork-Mallow Traveller Chariot Race story.

      Just wondering… what’s the quota of complaints that need to be met before an investigation kicks of? I’d say if there was no footage to accompany the complaints the quota would be far higher.

  18. VinLieger

    Have to say the Boards.ie thread is getting pretty good just had a very new account posting an official statement, which was pretty woeful, claiming to have no link with McAuliffe, yet a quick bit of internet detectiving by someone turned up a twitter account with the same account name owned by none other than the sales and marketing director of Truly Irish…….

  19. Truly Irish Country Foods

    Hi all, this is the statement we have received from McAuliffe Trucking, hope this clears everything up.

    “To Whom It May Concern,

    Hoping you are well. I am a manager in McAuliffe Trucking. We are established since 1970 and take great pride in our fleet, drivers and staff.

    We contribute our time to charities and regularly make donations. Since there is a local Charity Scania Truck run in Kerry, we could never get involved as we run DAF trucks so we said we would start our own Charity DAF run or an all make of truck Charity run.

    We recently had a little girl succumb to Leukaemia and we named our flagship DAF in memory of her. This truck is now called Lady Ava. We also got vinyl stickers made with the Leukaemia penguin to raise awarness and to keep a constant memory of Ava. We have these fitted to all our trucks and can send you a pack if you want to give me your details.

    On Sunday 14/10/12, we had a photo shoot to start the promotion of our Charity run. I had called the Castleisland Gardai seeking permission on Friday 12/10/12 to conduct a photo shoot on the
    N21 and the Castleisland Bypass. The Gardai gave me permission to do this which be verified at Castleisland Garda Station.

    I then arranged a meeting with all staff for 3pm on Saturday 13/10/12, all details were discussed and jobs and traffic controller positions were assigned. I also carried out a full risk assessment and received signatures of all involved. The weather on Sunday was good so we arranged to meet up and begin preparations for the photo shoot. There were traffic controllers positioned at the front and back of the three trucks for the duration of the video shoot.

    Still shots were taken at the view point and the bridge on the bypass of Castleisland afterwards. For the still shot on the bridge, I sent only two drivers to the bridge as the third driver did not know his way there. He stopped under the bridge with his hazard, parking and dipped headlights on and waited for one of the other drivers to come down the steps and sit in with him to guide him to the bridge road. He was waiting no longer than one minute and during this time, a silver car came up behind him and swung out in to the path of another car. There was a touch of bumpers and the two cars stopped, the drivers got out, talked to each other, shook hands and drove away.

    Unfortunately, this was captured by someone on a phone, uploaded on YouTube and has since gone viral. As soon as we heard about it, we got the video taken down immediately but then someone uploaded it again and titled it “McAuliffe Trucking Dangerous Driving”.

    Every person involved in the photo shoot is dismayed after putting their free time at their own expense into both Saturday and Sunday for a worthy charity promotion, only to have backfired due to a small accident that was caused by a car not watching his lane while our company was also put up on YouTube and portrayed by a small minority as dangerous driving.

    Now as you can see, we had received permission from the Gardai, carried out a Risk assessment/Risk report, had plenty of qualified personal to arrange everything whilst wearing HiViz gear and everything went according to plan.

    I would also like to mention that we received a phonecall this morning from Breda O’Brien, Suicide Awareness, asking McAuliffe Trucking to help raise funds for the organisation. If you wish to donate or contribute to these charities, please contact McAuliffe Trucking.

    Finally, I would like to say thank you to all the staff and everyone that came in on Saturday and Sunday on their days off to help and assist in everyway the Charity Truck run. They’re a great bunch of people.

    We apologise for the distress that may have been caused as this was not our intention.

    Kind and Very Best Regards
    Davy Corkery
    McAuliffe Trucking.”

    1. Praetorian.

      If you listen carefully enough you can just hear her…..

      “Ahhh leavee irr ouu……leavee it f*:kin ouu”.

      1. Praetorian.

        And the three trucks driving down the hill……??
        They got Garda permission for that too…..

        1. Pedantic Pat

          Captured by someone and uploaded. That someone is Michael McAuliffe’s daughter. The end of the video shows the resultant “photo shoot” picture with the 3rd truck clearly visible. Lost my hole.

    2. doolally

      “He stopped under the bridge with his hazard, parking and dipped headlights on and waited for one of the other drivers…”

      Stopped . . . and waited . . . in the middle of a dual carriageway.
      No matter what permission you’ve received to take photos, no matter that you’ve got your safety lights on, it’s still highly dangerous and therefore illegal to stop and wait in the middle of the road. Drivers are supposed to pull in to the hard shoulder or if there isn’t one advance to the nearest safe place, otherwise it’s reckless driving and endangerment. The only exception is if you’ve lost control of your vehicle or it’s dangerous to proceed – not (can’t belive I’m typing this) waiting for directions. I’d blame the driver and recommend he get penalty points, except that this stopping and waiting seems to have been done at the manager’s behest, so he’s as culpable, if not more so.

    3. B Bop

      Errr…discussions ad nauseam… This is indeed a huge amount of hassle to go to for a very random photo?!

  20. eamonn

    Unfortunately, this was captured by someone on a phone, uploaded on YouTube and has since gone viral. As soon as we heard about it, we got the video taken down immediately but then someone uploaded it again and titled it “McAuliffe Trucking Dangerous Driving”.
    thats bull, thats u davy and mikes voices. more lies

    1. ponk

      I doubt it will do any good. Random thicko individuals are ripe for a quick takedown. Something a bit more tricky like this will be met with “oh sure we could never identify the driver”.

  21. Rock Shandy

    Yes, that clears it all up. Well done.

    Your handling of this has been exemplary and we’ve all learned how to manage a small bit of negative publicity.

    And turn it into a major disaster.

  22. Sean

    Yous people complaing are all the idiots.. McAuliffe trucking is a great buisness who employ a lot of people.. They were rasing money for charity.. I bet you everyone that commented bad things on this dosnt know the first thing about lorrys.. It’s a way of life and they are proud of there lorrys..yous are all the people that have this country the way it is.. McAuliffes try doing something for a great cause and the first thing you do is put them down? Get a life.. Yous arnt complaining of the Eddie stobarts lorrys parked in the head sholders are you? Now how about yous all go back to your sad pathetic lives and mind your own buisness.. I support mcauliffes 110% and I say fair play for what there doing and keep it up!!

    1. Praetorian.

      You’ve done well mastering English since you arrived in this country…..you should write a thesis on your life thus far.
      All twelve years of it.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Don’t be so smart you…Eddie Stobart is taking all the Head & Shoulders and you’re complaining about a company that is parking on motorways for charity. IT’S FOR CHARITY…AAAAAARRRRGGHHH!!!

    2. LaughingJoker

      There is a big difference between a hard shoulder and a driving lane. Sean, you fool. Just get your company to own up an apologise. This would have been nothing if you had just apologised for the reckless endangerment of the public by your ridiculous antics!

      1. Sean

        It’s not my company? I just know the mcauliffes from truckshows as I’m a trucker myself.. (Que the people complaing about me)

    3. Chuck Norris

      Sean, no doubt you support the McAuliffes, seen as you are one yourself.
      Your companies cack handed attempts at diffusing this on boards.ie are what have lead to this small mistake, blowing up in you face.

      Blatant disregard for the rules of the road can never, ever be condoned. And as for bringing the memory of a deceased young girl into this…..shame on you. Shame on you.

        1. Chuck Norris

          Sean, it would be more in your line to get yourself off to bed, so you can get up bright and early for school to brush up on your spelling and grammar. Seen as you’re only 16 and all.

          But wait….you’re a trucker….so you won’t be going to school.

          And your “knowing” the McAuliffes doesn’t take away from the fact that their self promotion videos, and cack handed attempts at diffusing a situation have back fired spectacularly. At the last count, over 53,000 people have viewed the thread on boards.ie. And if all those people told just 1 other person about it, we’ll you do the math on that.

          And lastly, seen as you know the McAuliffes, would you pass on a message to Michael please? Seen as be haven’t responded to my email.

          Shame on him. Trying to explain away the despicable actions of his company as charity work, by dragging the memory of a poor young girl into this….shame on him.

    4. Seamus Ryan

      I don’t see a hard shoulder in that video. Usually when people don’t have a leg to stand on, they’re smart enough to avoid attempting to stand and wave their fiddly bits around.

        1. Seamus Ryan

          I was referring to the video of the parked truck, as Sean “doesn’t work for McAuliffes” made reference to “Yous arnt complaining of the Eddie stobarts lorrys parked in the head sholders are you?”. I could have explicitly stated which video I was referring to, in fairness, and probably should have done so for extra clarity. I assumed the reply to a comment making reference to “parked” lorries would have been sufficient as a pointer, as well as being a reply to a comment that is a top-level comment on the original post (as opposed to a reply to a comment referencing the second video), but apparently not.

          The other video of the three trucks driving parallel to each other (the one on the road that includes a hard shoulder) revels a shocking idiocy on behalf of the drivers. Obviously everyone can see a hard shoulder in that one, including the car parked on it.

          1. Praetorian.

            I did mean to point that out…..my misinterpretation of your previous post…..(holds head in shame,shaking left to right,wipes tears)…..I knew you KNEW that.

            I did.

  23. podger400

    In short, anyone who has a problem with this outrageous behaviour clearly hates sick children. Because facts.

  24. ponk

    Safety is a culture, as soon as you start dicking around in situations that demand safety IS a culture, things can get fscked up real quick.

    The videos are terrible, even with no safety issue I would never hire a company who shoots its’ promos on a 1st gen iPhone. It’s ignorant to think anyone would be impressed by this.

  25. overshoot

    The most sickening thing in my opinion of the lot, that this blatent and repeated incidents of dangerous and careless driving can supposidly be waved away by we do charity work… little girl lukemia… get a grip on reality (never mind how the internet works) mcAuliffe. oh and where was the adds for the charity? im sure they would have fitted somewhere beside his other company’s logo in these “photoshoots” for the charities!

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