To Ellen Back




The ‘Cycling With’ people are back.

Paddy Cahill writes:

Ellen Rowley is an Architectural Historian who lives with her family in Ballybough, Dublin. We went for a cycle with Ellen and looked at the architectural heritage around parts of Dublin that often goes ignored, the architecture of the 20th Century and her special interest, the social housing schemes by the former prolific city architect Herbert Simms. For more Cycling with… videos check out our blog and please like us at Cycling With (Facebook)


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17 thoughts on “To Ellen Back

  1. Jockstrap

    Enjoyed that. Nice to see historians who record what we take for granted or in some cases would only miss if it was gone.

    Dublin is a wonderful city to amble around. I never get tired of it.

      1. CD

        I wouldn’t say cycling while pregnant’s an issue. Cycling without a helmet, now that’s a bit of a bad move, part. if she wants her kid to keep wearing hers.

    1. Jockstrap

      Loads of women cycle while pregnant. Have you never seen a helmet strapped to a woman’s belly while she barrels down the quays?

    2. DD

      Women should cycle around the place until they have enough money to purchase a car, then go and get pregnant.

    3. irlandesa

      Dead right. Ladies when in an interesting state should remain in a darkened room, sipping laudanum and beef tea.

    1. Joxer

      well he died in 1945 but didnt technically die until 1948 and existed between those years as the walking dead colloquially known as a Zombie

    2. irlandesa

      It means a charming, interesting young woman is cycling around Dublin, pointing out interesting features and sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm, and all you can do is wait for her unscripted narration to contain an insignificant non sequitor so you can sneer at her.

  2. Jockstrap

    And she’s massively chilled out which makes life a lot easier.

    My motto: Give less a f*ck about things.

    I don’t always live by that though.

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