Ireland’s Exports


This stuff.

And in 1995?

And our biggest export in 1962?

Live cattle.

What does your Country Export (

Thanks Richard Fahy

17 thoughts on “Ireland’s Exports

      1. B-O'connell

        We export 2.4 Billion Dollars worth of recorded gramophone records? Are we manufacturing original Beatles LP’s?

        I call Broadsheet BS.

          1. Termagant

            So Germany manufacture 19% of the world’s recorded gramophone records and then just buy 11% of it back?

            Just when I thought I was getting a handle on this “economics” shite.

  1. Rolio

    Careful now – this is an incredibly lop-sided chart that misses the single most important change in Ireland’s exports in the last generation.

    Namely, it doesn’t show services exports (because those stats are collected differently). And half of all Ireland’s exports (more than pretty much any other developed country) now come from services. In the 1990s, that proportion would have been about 10%.

  2. Atticus

    Funny when you look at the rich oil countries. Kuwait for example has 87% of it’s exports based on oil. And Iraq is 100%

  3. Kieran

    Waits for the obligatory comment about our most valuable export being ‘all da yungg peeeeepple, Joe’.

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