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  1. Leela2011

    Wish I’d taken a pic of the package I got this morning. book in the same envelope with two massive rubber bands around it, just holding it together!

  2. cyclecrunk

    they did the same to me with some rare vintage records, they looked visible surprised when I sent letters of complaint about their ineptitude. Just use private couriers in the future.

    1. cluster

      Don’t think the above has anything to do with the number of postmen, just the ineptitude of the system. Depressingly, I don’t envisage the system being improved anytime soon.

  3. No Fun

    Benefits of ordering stuff online: It’s much cheaper.
    Downsides of ordering stuff online: An Post really makes you pay for it.

  4. Lilly

    The same thing happened to me a year ago… a big sodden jiffy bag was shoved through the door and left to sit on the dry post. It had almost disintegrated by the time I got it… I’m amazed it even made it!

  5. Two Left Feet

    in fairness the package is mildly bent, but no where does it say do not soak with water so blame has to go to photographer for this

    1. PeteS

      Also doesn’t say ‘do not set on fire.’ So may as well have done that. Neither does it say ‘do not roll into a cone and work it up your hole…’ The list goes on.

  6. Jockstrap

    I think the photographer should have packaged it better in fairness. Plastic covers for envelopes are cheap.

  7. Radyar

    I think they did a bang up job getting it to you considering the name and address are blacked out..

  8. neil

    Much prefer An Post to private couriers. They call in the morning, rather than expecting you to wait around all day, if they do miss you the package is at your local office rather than out beside the airport, and they actually know where the address is (unlike UPS, who sent a postcard to me saying they couldn’t deliver the package as the address they had was incorrect – though it’s the one they sent the postcard to, and it arrived, and a quick Google would show them a handy map with a pin on top of my house).

    Obviously the example above is crappy, but they’re not all like that. Our local postman is great.

  9. Wealthy

    My Galaxy Nexus was found on the floor of the Eurospar on Barrow Street before the nice staff there completed the work of the postie and got it to me. Sent a complaint and got the standard “I would like to assure you this matter is treated very seriously” – so serious a month later I’ve still heard nothing more back. Then again what did I expect…

  10. Angry Corkman

    Looks like more of a postbox fail to me, chief.

    I hardly think the postman delivered them wet. I’m willing to bet that you are lacking a proper waterproof postbox. Your responsibility, not An Posts.

    Besides, as pointed out elsewhere, why in Gods name are you getting these in regular post, not registered?

  11. dsdsdsd

    It doesn’t say “Do not bend” as Gaeilge. Under the Posts Act 1932, An Post employees are required to disobey any instruction not given in the First Official Language.

  12. Des

    Ah here, would you:

    a) Ask your photographer to invest in a plastic – proper – board back -jiffy bag – like the ones photographers use…
    b) register them so you have to sign for them.
    c) stop landing your issues on someone else

    I know An Post are not the most efficient but how can you expect them not to mess this up – wedding photos… in a one layer envelope?

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