Before spray tan…

The goth girls of Dublin, 1989.

A short but memorable item on RTE fashion show, Head To Toe, presented by Mary Sullivan.

Watch here.

Ever wonder where goth girls go?

We don’t know about the rest of them but the Elvira-clad goth (top pic right) is Beibhinn Byrne (below left with Elsa Jones), who can be regularly can be seen on TV3’s Midday.

Broadsheet readers will know Beibhinn as Caspar ‘The Friendly Hipster Kid’s ma.

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28 thoughts on “Oh. My. Goth.

  1. Freezemonkey

    I remember going to my Granny’s en famille in 1989 and The Cure. We didn’t know who all the people who looked like zombies were. My older sister had to inform us who The Cure were. I am sure she used the late 80s equivalent of #losers about her innocent family.

  2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    Dublin Millennium sticker – check

    Traffic on Grafton Street – Check

    Telecom Eireann phone box –Check

    Are these photos the inspiration for this week’s broadsheet posts ha ha

    1. Mister Mister

      Is it really 1989 then if Grafton Street still has traffic ? I see West Jewellers in the back ground but after the initial pedestrianisation trial I thought it was done on a permanent basis since the mid80s ?

    2. Jockstrap

      There was no traffic on Grafton in ’89. That’s South Anne street, probably outside McGonagle’s.

      1. Mister Mister

        That makes sense, I was thinking it was South Annes Street but couldn’t picture if Wests backed onto it.

        1. Freezemonkey

          My first gig was Manic Street Preachers in McGonagles – my mate won the tickets on the Beatbox!!

          1. uiscebeatha

            That was my first gig too! Wasn’t a huge fan but tagged along with some friends. My 14 year old self thought “gig” sounded so cool and grownup. My friends had to ask me to stop dropping the word into every conversation.
            I’m as cool now as I was then. i.e. not at all.

  3. Mister Sparkle

    Grafton Street was pedestrianised then I believe. That second last pic is actually South Anne Street facing back over Grafton Street with the hulking Westbury in the far background (top left of Telecom Eireann phone box):-) Just checked it out on Google maps. I suppose I best get back to work now…

  4. Father Filth

    I once went to see The Mission at the SFX, wearing a floppy shirt and.. well, I’d never admit that under my real name, to be honest.

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