10 thoughts on “Communicorp Values

  1. Des

    Dunno why this is on B/sheet for note??? Revenues can fall as profits increase so there is no opposition in terms of content in both papers. (I don’t work for Communicorp!)

  2. Whoop

    I think the fact that DOB is heavily involved in the Independent (and Communicorp obviously) is the interesting thing here!

  3. abaddon

    Both rags have a lot to answer for. I’d love to see both of them go bankrupt. Best thing that could happen to this country.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Well, not the *best*. I can think of better things. Suddenly finding the leprechauns’ gold reserves would better, for instance.

      1. John Doh!

        I too support making thousands directly and indirectly redundant by closing both ‘rags’. There are no good journalists (that get paid) only bad ones, very bad ones.

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