Broadsheet Editorial


As the Chinese Communist Party meet in Beijing the delegates face the task of choosing a new leader to replace Hu Jintao. While China made great progress economically under Mr Hu, the last year of his rule was dogged by scandal, corruption and murder.

His successor faces the daunting task of repairing the party’s image, while simultaneously managing the scientific development of the harmonious society founded by the late Mao Zedong.

While Broadsheet has always been proud of our political independence, we believe that the time has come to endorse the candidacy of Xi Jinping.

Mr Xi, a farm labourer from Shaanxi who studied Chemical Engineering Tsingua University before pursuing a career in politics, is the right man to lead the greatest and most powerful country on earth.

He has the talent, the intelligence and the honesty to guide the democratic centralist reforms which will increase exports, raise living standards and protect China from the aggressive nationalism of the Taiwanese Kuomintang.

Broadsheet calls on all delegates to the 18th Communist Party Congress to vote for Xi Jinping, and his running mate Li Keqiang.