They May Normally Do This


John O’Reilly writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but would be great if you could make an exception. Had my bike stolen from literally outside the door of our office in [Mount Pleasant Business Centre] Ranelagh [Dublin] in the middle of the day. Lock cut. I bought it from the guys 2 months ago and it was gone in a few seconds, true pros.. Needless to say would be delighted with any details of its whereabouts, and word of warning to those in the area that these lads go around with tools cutting locks in middle of the day. Someone might recognise them in the video too.
Below is the bike. a black, white and green Trek 4500.


67 thoughts on “They May Normally Do This

  1. Bacchus

    Sorry to hear of the theft. I’m guessing you gave this to the Guards first? They will know them and, despite the recent comments about Guards being useless, they shoudl eb able to get your bike back fairly fast.
    I could take a guess as to where those guys were heading back to but I won’t publicly.

    1. cross-eyed cow

      > “despite the recent comments about Guards being useless, they shoudl eb able to get your bike back fairly fast.”

      Yeah, right.

    2. Sean

      The Gards do not give a damn.

      You need a Kryptonite U-lock, locking your frame to something immoveable. Chains and cables are no good.

    3. Jesus

      I got bottled on O’Connell St… place is flippin’ covered in cameras, and the Gardai couldn’t wouldn’t do shit. There is no law in Dublin.

  2. Tickle

    Sorry to see this happen.

    I can’t comment on your security but better to have really visible cameras that deter thieves, than ones that they can’t see but allow you to watch yourself being robbed.

    I should know :(

    1. John

      Frustrating to watch all right.. The camera’s are visible but not that obvious, doesn’t look like the guys care too much about being seen though

  3. Nicola Carroll

    Wow, the video above is captured in real time. It must have took them literally a second to cut the lock off.

    These guys are seasoned pros.

    1. Rompsky

      The timestamp moves. However it only takes them about 20 seconds. Doesn’t say much for the lock

      1. John

        The video cuts but was locked just under the camera so I’d guess it took about 10 seconds. The lock was admittedly below par.. that’ll learn me

  4. Continuity Jay-Z

    Sorry to hear that you bike was nicked. Have the identical one to it, a lovely piece of kit.

    A couple of points to note. Firstly the two lads knew exactly where to go and what to do. It would lead me to suspect they are local to the area. Are you yourself local? The Trek 4500 is a pretty distinctive bike with the white saddle and the green flash on the rims. It is something that would get noticed. If so that narrows the search area.

    Secondly the second lad in the grey hoodie. Is there any technology that would blow up the logo on the left hand side of the hoodie. It could be an Umbro logo but it looks like a club crest. It is impossible to say for certain but if it could be sharpened and blown up and it was a club crest you again narrow the search field even further.

    Again sorry to hear about the theft.

    1. Dazza

      Yeah…..we could narrow down the search to an umbro wearing scumbag. They must be less than 10 of them in the country.

      1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

        Reminds me of the Overheard in Dublin story where two American tourists on O’Connell St were looking at their Dublin map, perplexed as to their exact location. One turns to the other and points to a group of skangers saying, “Maybe we should ask those athletes.”

    2. Man

      “Is there any technology that would blow up the logo ”

      Christ. You either work in marketing at standing over designer’s shoulders or you watch CSI and think it’s actually real.

      1. Gallant

        Hold on, don’t write him off so quickly. From my knowledge of csi it could be done.

        The more important question is was there any semen left at the scene?

        1. wafflewaitress

          Oh my god you’re such a pack of smart-arses. Shaaadap!… Never mind watchin CSI you lot read too many Broadsheet comments.

          Hope you get your bike back, if I see them/it in the area I’ll be sure to at least trip them up. I’m good at that.

    3. the-bag

      I blew up the sequence in final cut and exported a still of the lad in the grey hoodie, you can’t see the logo at all.

      1. nslatz

        The last episode of CSI I ever watched had a scene in a really seedy filthy brothel, the investigator was picking up towels with her gloved hand and commenting on how much “DNA” there would be, then her phone rang and she answered it, still with the gloves on. I nearly puked, never again watching it.

    4. Jesus

      Yeah – the Trek with disc brakes is an awfully fancy piece of kit for the zero-security country that is ours, I am afraid to say.

      I had a lot of success with something that cost me €150 that I spent €140 on locks for, for next time, you know?

  5. Rod

    dont know if they will recover your bike but I reckon they will certainly know these pair of criminals… hope you get some justice!

  6. CowboysTed

    Did you check the footage from when you locked the bike! I’d say they cut the lock beforehand and just collected it as they knew were to go for it!..

    1. rahz

      very possible – there’s another entrance to the centre on the other side so they could easily have managed something without being caught on the same camera

  7. Tom

    Where are they fencing all these bikes?

    Its like those scrap metal thefts that make all the headlines in the UK, the dodgy metal merchants are the point it needs to be stopped at and its the same here.

    Anybody know? Are they done dealing them or what?

  8. Dippy

    Looks like the guy in black has the cutters stuffed down his leg. He’s kind of limping walking out the gate. Or maybe he just walks like that..

  9. Always Wright

    What’s weird is that they look sort of respectable. Obviously they’re scumbags, but they look a bit like real people. Do you think maybe scumbags have finally realised that their sartorial choices make them easily identifiable? Is it possible these ones have attempted to disguise themselves?

  10. Daithi

    Sorry to hear about this, Those Treks 4500 are a decent bike. Solid hardtail, great for cross country riding.

    However, folks, you shouldn’t really be commuting to work with mid to high end mountain bikes with hydraulic dick brakes and decent forks like Suntour/RockShox/Fox.

    The vile disgusting c**ts that truly are the only type of criminal deserving of capital punishment, preferable of the inhumane kind, will spot a bike like this a mile away, and there is no chain or lock that will stop them.

    In future, buy a bike like this to take to the Wicklow mountains or Ballyhoura, and get yourself an old banger to get to work.
    Or, if your travelling long distance to work and use a good road bike, insist with your boss that you can take it into the office.

    My general rule of thumb with taking bikes into the city to arse around is: cheap bike, expensive lock.

    Hope you get your bike back, or at least one of them scumbags falls under a luas tram or a bus.

    1. Sinabhfuil


      Would you advise people with nice cars to drive only bangers into the city for fear of getting their Porsche stolen?

      The Guards need to get serious about bike theft. It’s the classic gateway crime – kids start with stealing bikes and move on to mugging, burglary, burglary with violence, and worse.

      1. Jesus

        Sadly, breaks my heart to say it, but it’s hard to have nice things in Ireland. Would you seriously park a Porsche in Dublin city?

    2. Rod

      I was thinking that clip on pedals would be handy for the city, would be very annoying if you stole a bike and had no way to drive it forwards… and easy enough to put in your pockets unlike a removable seatpost/saddle.

  11. The Lorax

    Have a lot of sympathy for this theft, ignore smartass comments. Had bike stolen by a van driver on CCTV from outside place of work 500m from here. The Gardaí do have a way of enhancing images, keep the footage on disk, make sure it’s in a readable format, as most CCTV system wipe after 6-10days. Bottom line, very smart & helpful Garda from Donnybrook got search warrant, visited a halting site twice and made arrest, succesful conviction on basis of CCTV evidence, and I got compo covering cost of bike paid in court, for theif to avoid prison! It’s the luck of the draw with the Garda investigating. Get a Pulse no, find out his/her Watch A/B/C and sergeant name. Have also had negative Garda crime reporting & investigation incidents, but once again, it’s down to the individual Garda you get. And in Irish crime investigation, the one you report to, and the the one who takes statement, is the only one who you can follow up crime with. The Hill pub & Mountpleasant Inn nearby might also be good places to mention a reward, no questions asked if you have the mettle…I’ve heard of property returned via The Swan with a reward offered…can’t wait for the trolls to jump on this post…

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Might also be worth offering a copy of the DVD to the Hill and asking them to play it when the pub’s crowded, see if anyone recognises the citizens.

  12. Dza

    Sorry to hear about your bike.Bring the pictures to Rathmines Gardai. Swan grove is right beside there and I would hazard a guess that one of scumbags there took it. The gardai know all those people. They are a terror in that area, I know as I lived near there. Always trying the back door, climbing into back gardens etc, always on the lookout basically.

    1. The Lorax

      Hate to agree, but 80% chance it’s in Swan Grove, 10% Charlemont flats…10% random…caught Swan Grove guys stripping lead off neighbours garage roof over several nights, leaving lead in lane, got Gardai on to it, after noticed one lot of lead disappeared in the 20mins Gardai from Ternure station took to get here..sent them down to McGoverns, and they got the lads (from Swan Grove) selling it for scrap on CCTV..caused about €2k of damage and repairs..have CCTV installed at my business in D6 and constantly provide footage to Gardai, so it does work, if you position it well and get good cameras..

  13. yogy

    In fairness, you said yourself your lock was below par so you deserved it.

    I will never understand why people splash out on expensive bikes and then buy a shit lock for 30 euro.

    A decent bike lock will set you back 100 to 150e minimum.

    This is how you hold onto your commute bike in Dublin…

    1. The bike should be of good quality but not look flashy, best thing is to buy a shit bike for 50e

    2. Spend 50e ensuring you have good breaks and gears

    3. Spend 100 to 150e on an Abus lock.

    I’ve had the same bike in Dublin for 6 years using this model.

    I also have a specialized that cost me 1,500e but that has never once been locked to anything. It gets taken out for training and racing and brought straight back to the gaf.

    And that, is how you don’t get bikes robbed in Dublin.

    PS You gotta give it to those guys, they are pros, fair play

    1. Tickle

      “I also have a specialized that cost me 1,500e but that has never once been locked to anything. It gets taken out for training and racing and brought straight back to the gaf.”

      I once had a specialized “that”

      But it was in another country where the legal age was younger so don’t judge me.

      Cost about the same

      1. yogy

        No idea what you are shiting on about but you obviously didn’t understand what I was saying.

        Specialized is a brand, like the way Trek is.

    2. Woahtherehorsey

      Thanks for that. Someday, when I have time, I’ll reciprocate with a list of things that I own and of ways in which I’m very streetwise and all-round clever.

      The fella is looking for his bike, not a sermon and he certainly didn’t need to read a comment referring to the professionalism of the two dipshites

    3. Pigeon Street

      “In fairness, you said yourself your lock was below par so you deserved it”.

      Yeah right, the bike stealing scum are justified in taking it just becasue the lock was below par.

    4. cyclecrunk

      wow, what a hard man. do you also kill your own dinner? what other tips do you have for the less alpha among us?

    1. L

      pinkbike and similar cycling sites have stolen bike threads. This doc is a bit tabloid but it shows how easy it easy to break locks.
      I hate this “you deserved it” attitude. So what, we accept criminality and restrict our entire lives? Pathetic. Should you not have a nice house, nice car, nice bike, nice family? If you do, you’re inviting people to subject you to crime and you deserve it. How sad.

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