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      1. Advertising On Police Cars

        I got my car towed a few years ago during rush hour, had parked legitimately but failed to notice “Towing in effect during rush hour) came back and thougth it was nicked, they store the cars up at Mount Joy square, where it WILL get nicked.

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            I returned back to Ireland in a few years ago, after living abroad for 14 years. On my first night visiting a friend, my borrowed car got towed away. It was a nice welcome home. I last 17 months in Ireland, I had enough of being ripped off by gombeen feckers.

          2. cluster

            Did you expect that ‘parking servicse’ would realise that you were only back in Ireland for a little while and therefore didn’t have to abide by parking laws?

    1. cluster

      They do, there are several places where the clampers tow cars including on a clearway in Ranelagh as i discovered to my cost one morning.

  1. martco

    ah now…you don’t know the situation here, maybe broken down, driver fell ill and had to pull over. sure I was clamped in Holles St. outside the fckn hospital after I’d just rushed in my mrs for delivery of my 2nd….alternatively it could be a car bomb though in that case would have been better parked up at the corner of Molesworth and Kildare St. (ultimately I think something like this will actually likely happen someday given the way the people are getting left behind by these greedy self-serving wankers…a la Falling Down…)

    1. cluster

      This is exactly the Irish problem. The tolerance for those who do wrong, on a small or big scale, without any regard to the countless others who do what they should.

      Sure Bertie was going through a separation. Sure Anglo took advantage of Quinn. Sure so what if the landlord isn’t declaring his rental income, ’tis only a few quid. It wasn’t great what he did but he had a few drinks on him and who hasn’t gone a bit overboard after a night on the sauce at some stage.

  2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    Right in front of a bust stop, stupid driver, stupid clampers everyone is a loser.

    1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

      Parked in A cycle Lan, A Bus lane and right infront of a Bus Stop.

      All of the above and Dublin city council need the cash

  3. Bacchus

    Plus cars aren’t allowed drive down that side of O’Connell Street anyway. It looks like a Hertz car rental so probably a tourist… still, a muppet of a tourist.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I would waiver the fine if the culprit was a tourist. We want them to have a good experience in a capital and return, yes?

      But that would require reasoning with a clamper. Unheard of.

      1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

        DCC, actually do Waive 95% of the fines for clamping given to tourists in Dublin

      2. Bacchus

        Waivering fines for tourists? I dunno about that. I’ve been fined for traffic offences abroad (unintentional) and I accept I messed up. I never parked in a bus lane at a bus stop though. That’s just ignorant.

        1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

          From 2010, they do actually nearly always refund tourist claims.
          Clamps Appealed 2,534 7 4.6%
          Appeals Declined 1,824 5
          Appeals Accepted 710 2

          1. Navel

            KFM – that’s one hell of a nonsensical post.
            Or perhaps it is just very difficult to understand.

    2. mesaosi

      They just aren’t allowed to enter from Parnell Square. If you come in from Cathal Brugha St or any of the other side roads, it’s perfectly legit.

  4. Continuity Jay-Z

    Is there any way, I wonder, you could blow u that image and sharpen it to see what the mumber plate is?

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Ah now Mick, can I not give an air to what I think is right. Sadly, I’m in the corner with all the loons, but, I have looked at this and there is no need for it. What is needed is enforcement of the rules already there. That’s it.

    1. Mick Flavin

      I have no problem with you expressing your point of view Clampers, but this tactic is off-putting…

  6. Navel

    I’m sure you’ve changed the minds of many Yes voters with your “Vote NO tomorrow”.
    I’m voting NO anyway.

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