He’s Having One Of The Great Weeks


Following ‘Women-Of-Certain-Age-Gate’.

Leo Varadkar went on RTE R1’s Morning Ireland.

NC writes:

Leo is asked if he thinks the salaries being paid at IBRC [formerly Anglo] are too high. He replies “If they are cut, it will mean fewer income taxes coming in and lower spending.”
Me: “Leo, should I buy these Louboutins?”
Leo: “Absolutely!  Cause if you pay for them with cash, you’ll get change!  And change means you get money!”
Me: “Ah Leo you’re the bestest!”


Listen here (scroll to 10.50. And repeats point at 11.20)

46 thoughts on “He’s Having One Of The Great Weeks

  1. jim

    Leo is a gobsh*te of epic proportions. Reminds me of that time he wanted to pay those Irish without citizenship to return to their birthcountry (tho’ he didn’t include his parents in that category).

    1. Joe

      James ‘fintan Stack’ reilly, Mick ‘tax dodger’ Wallace, Michael ‘corrupt’ Loury and himself need to be kicked out on their holes.

    2. bangalore

      When I first read about that I thought ‘here is a dangerous man’

      now i know he’s just a moron

  2. Rumpleforeskin

    Oh my God that’s the stupidest thing anyone has ever said in the history of everything. String him up (literally)!

    1. SOMK

      Yes, I heard reports that scientists who are trying to detect gravitational waves have written a letter of complaint to the government over the intensity of the stupity waves emanating from Leo Varakar’s mouth interfering with their readings.

    2. cluster

      Presumably his point is that the better the executives are in IBRC, the more IBRC assets they will recover and monetise, the better the economy will recover, the less cuts will be made etc.

      Not sure I agree that there is a direct correlation between high salaries and good performance but it isn’t quite as stupid a statement as everyone is making out here.

  3. kolmo

    Seriously. What special mind altering powers do this man and his ilk have over the voters of their respective constituencies? Are people so f**kin* easy to manipulate into voting for these asshat politicians? It is a horrendous mirror on our society. The Anti-Society party for Anti-social voters.

  4. Boba Fettucine

    Why is this cretin always first to comment on everything? Can Edna not have a word in his shell-like and get him to STFU?

  5. Lars Biscuits

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again:

    Leo Varadkar – doctor’s son, fee paying school, Trinity graduate, ministerial pension.

    A heartwarming tale of riches to riches.

      1. Al

        If he was, then he’s an answer to a question that shouldn’t have been asked. Which makes him doubly irrelevant.

    1. moman

      He was in my year in primary school (defo not an affluent school). He called to the house canvassing a few years ago and was mortified when I mentioned it. Instead of using it to secure a vote he seemed embarrassed that his cronies knew he didn’t go through a complete private school system and that despite his exterior he isn’t actually in his 40’s. (he is 34)

    2. Pants

      I don’t give a bolloz what school he went to.
      I want him to do a decent job, and if he can’t get him out.

      Anyhow, I’d like to think politicians would be next in line to get a hit in the pensions department. Perhaps its why they are dragging their heels…

  6. Mani

    I heard him say it this morning and intially thought ‘That makes sense’ until my dozy brain caught up. It’s one of those brilliantly stupid things that, when said in a reasonable tone doesn’t register as the half-baked muppetry it is. He’s a genius.

    1. frillykeane

      When CJ finally man marked Jack Lynch out of the game.

      So to insure Jack Lynch’s crew went with him cleaned house with that arrangement.

      1. Tickle

        Thanks you!

        At least I have a starting point to read up on all this.

        Google was doing nowt for me earlier.

        Thanks again!

      2. John Gallen

        So, it’s relatively new. I kind of figured it might have been there since the start.

        So, seeing as it’s newish, it shouldn’t be that difficult to change to the standard age for state pensions then …as if, but let’s try where we can.

        Just remember this to motivate yourself… Ivan Yates is 53 and gets a penion of €80,000 pa.

        Enuff to make ones piss boil!

          1. John Gallen

            Not everyone wants to use googleator for everything.

            Some prefer another ‘person’ to give an opinion or answer to a simple question.

            A real time human response is often better than some lifeless algorithm.

  7. Praetorian.

    Jesus wept.
    What a f@#%&*n’ eejit.
    Really…..im looseing the will to live.

    *looks for bottle of vodka,pen,paper,rope*

  8. Al

    The equivalent of Little Britain’s Marjory Dors telling her Fat Fighters club that because she cut her slice of cake in half it is now half the calories and therefore she can eat twice as much. Feck Ireland’s answer to Mitt Romney, is Varadkar Ireland’s answer to Marjorie Dors??

  9. CarSport

    Dho, I am having a home simpson moment….Leo.
    We give the bankers initiall 100% then take back X% in tax X is less then 100%. The tax payer still has to Pay Y%!. Why not put into the constitution a pension cap or twice the annual industrial wage, that any public/civil servant pensioner or any pensioner of a semi state body/ company owned by the state (ie. AIB,TSB,IBRC etc) (that is not in profit in the previous year) should get their pension capped when the government has a negative current budget deficit. Haveing another Homer Simpson moment. They would never allow the voters of the country to vote on this as it would pass by about 80% and the high rollers/decision makers would get affected! The would reap what thay had sowed.

  10. Diane Denizen

    Varadkar is one of a new breed of Brussels loving psychopaths. He is the sort who would take the shirt of your back-if his masters told him to. I reckon by about 2016 the people will be ready for a repeat of 1916 and it will be a result of these muppets betraying Ireland and selling out the people, Don’t give this government an inch because they will take a mile, they are rotten to the core and Varadkar is the poster boy for this ‘don’t give a shit’ mentality.

  11. Joxer

    i listened to that piece on radio as i was commuting this morning and what i actually heard Varadkar saying was “shut the f**k up you gobshites, you have no idea whats going on, i do as i am paid lots of money. Now Piss off”

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