Just A Splash Of The Milk Of Human Kindness, Please



And give us one of those buns of decency.


23 thoughts on “Just A Splash Of The Milk Of Human Kindness, Please

  1. Jockstrap

    Christ almighty. This happens in my local and locally owned coffee almost every day.

    These PR announcements dressed up as tweets are fake and misleading.

        1. Kath

          I don’t know… I really hope there’s no ulterior motive. Surely if we’re going to name & shame when someone/some company does something lame, we should also give shout outs for random acts of kindness?

  2. Mr Meh.

    Patrick M “The tragic thing is that this member of staff is not actually a starbucks employee but and employee of a franchise”. :(

  3. Pat Brady

    What have I started? I confirm I have NO connection with Starbucks, I rarely drink coffee and I did pay for it eventually. And I see nothing wrong with franchises (what’s that all about?) I’d hate to go through life looking for malign motives everywhere

    1. Whoop

      God dammit Pat there’s gonna be an internal investigation over this. CCTV will be checked and that franchise employee is gonna be sacked.

    2. ReproBertie

      The franchises comment refers to a tweet from way back from another Pat about the tragedy that is Starbucks’ business model in Ireland.

      1. paul

        the one that has paid less income tax in the last five years than any of their part-time cleaners. Starbucks out thanks.

  4. Brendan278

    “No problem sir, Pay later!”

    Sounds like a line learned directly from their English language training video disseminated all over the world. 1000 Starbucks staff across the world said these exact words today.

    Not much human about that

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