41 thoughts on “Lovers/Haters Gonna Love/Hate

  1. Niall

    Can someone catch me up here? So, this is RTÉ’s attempt at The Wire, is it? Edgy, hard hitting stuff? And Adrian Gillen was in it?

      1. Niall

        I stand corrected, thankee. Is it any use, though? Caught a couple of minutes of it a couple of times while channel hopping, but it seemed to be laying it on a bit thick, and ultimately fell victim to the presumption of uselessness attaching to RTÉ drama.

        1. Woahtherehorsey

          I didn’t rate any of the recent ‘good’ output from RTE, be it The Clinic or whatever and I was slow to watch this thing, but it’s actually fairly ok, provided you allow the, a weeshy bit of poetic licence

  2. Bliao

    She had her right leg in her tights at 7 seconds and proceeded to put on the left.

    At 15 seconds it was on her left.

    The Pretty Polly budget along must have been through the roof.

  3. @mrbrianbennett

    It’s good to see that they have resolved their continuity issues from the last season. Oh wait, they haven’t. Lady has tight on her right leg and is putting on the left one….we see Nidge….go back to tights lady and she is only putting on the right leg of her tights.

    It’s the simple things that irk me really. In saying that it’s a great show, shame about the continuity though.

  4. Charx

    Cue stock responses about RTE not being able to produce any good telly, Robert Sheehan being too D4 for the role yadda yadda. It’s actuallly a lot better than most people give it credit for, the end of last season was excellent, very well written, acted and directed. Don’t get me wrong I think most Irish TV (bar sports coverage and current affairs) is below par, but credit where credit is due, I haven’t seen a BBC or UTV drama in recent years that’s been as good

    1. ReproBertie

      With posts like that you’ll be accused of being an RTÉ plant.

      I’m looking forward to this on Sunday, despite the tights debacle.

  5. paddy de plastered

    I like it.
    Sh*t, my hipster credentials have gone out the window.

    I think I can live with that.

    1. Tickle


      It is quite OK too watch. I have only seen season two though. No idea what season one was like.
      Don’t suppose anyone has it on dvd and want to donate it to piratebay etc etc?

  6. Bacchus

    I really like it. It is flawed but so what? It’s mostly riveting. The first season was a bit hammy but it found it’s feet in the second. Really looking forward to season 3.

  7. Tommy

    I’m sure its a good show but I feel uncomfortable knowing that the scum it is based upon are probably its biggest fans and it might act to legitimise that lifestyle.

  8. BlogArab

    Wouldn’t mind checking out the second series before watching this. Any idea where I’d be able to find it?

  9. Jimmy O'B

    On DVD.
    And the second series was pretty good, the first had its moments, Gillen wasn’t very credible but the rest were good. By the way, most actors are acting- Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci don’t actually kill people either. (Love the casual use of ‘knack’ on this thread by the way- I presume you never bought or took drugs? If you did I’m sure you got them from a nice, non-knack dealer.)

  10. Bill

    Nidge is the best representation of an Irish scum bag I’ve seen on tv. Have read that the actor used to mostly do Shakespeare!
    Looking forward to this. Some of the guys are miscast but in general it’s very close to the mark to what actually goes on.

    Agree that it the guys who live this lifestyle will identify most with it- still it’s holding a mirror up and gives the rest of us an insight.

    Well done to RTE and all involved for season 2. Hope season 3 is as good.

    1. Tickle

      I enjoyed it!

      Had to keep doing a sort of Directors commentary for the missus though and she hadn’t seen Series two :/

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