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  1. Mani

    Neary’s (actors, dahling), Peter’s Pub, The Clarendon, The Last Stand. Eh, Maybe they thought Brown Thomas was a pub, in which case they can’t be faulted for thinking it was a gay bar.

          1. Father Filth

            Don’t exclude miraculous birth. A sprightly water baby with rose petal cheeks and blue eyes, plucked from under a cluster of dew soaked rhubarb stalks.

  2. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    The son of the previous owners of Peter’s are now the owners of the M1 (Or what is left of it).

    I must ask him when I see him next about this, he was born in the upstairs room of Peters and it may give him a good chuckle.

    The Bar Staff in that catchment area regularly refer to it as the village due to its close knit ties between the business and their staff.

  3. Brian Hand

    1975….There were two pubs near where Synnotts is now at the Stephens Green Centre. One was Barkley Dunnes and I am pretty sure it was gay on a Tuesday night or something back in the day. Can’t remember the other one now….

    1. ESV

      Comments on that post are really interesting (and quite sad). Portrait of gay Dublin in the 80s. A hard place to be by the sounds of it.

  4. Bacchus

    Rices (corner of St King St), Bartly Dunnes and The George all had that reputation. The Baily is a possible suspect but I don’t remember it as being particularly gay.

    1. Domestos

      Comment from links above:
      “The Viking was tiny and very poserish as I remember it from my one visit in 1985. Like a gay version of The Bailey!”

  5. marc

    Bartley Dunnes
    The Pygmalion (now the Hairy Lemon)
    Rices (Located at corner of Stephens Green and South King Street, later demolished to build the Stephens Green Centre)
    Davy Byrnes

  6. Morgue

    Upstairs in the Bailey used be the gay hangout – hence the confusion.

    Rice’s I remember as well as The George (not quite Grafton St).

    There used be somewhere at the back of the Powerscourt House and (probably later than 1975) a club in what is now Ely – the downstairs part if I remember correctly

  7. Baldychef

    The second quote is from Bartley Dunne himself. He said the same thing in an interview published before the pub closed for good, having made a FORTUNE out of homos. In fairness, the place was pretty atmospheric.

    1. Meh

      What’s a “bit gay”. Did he have gay hearing? Or maybe just a bit gay on Tuesdays and holy days of obligation?

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