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  1. Clampers Outside!

    Done with that, I apologise to anyone annoyed by my repeat posting to vote NO. But hey, I think this site likes when someone goes off on one and this is our constitution. And I believe NO is the answer. Have a good weekend.

    1. Woahtherehorsey

      I’m leaning to yes, but you and I often see eye to eye on BS, and you clearly have a head on your shoulders, so I’m genuinely interested to know your thinking. Can you write a few lines as a reply to this?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Hi Woahtherehorsey,
        I made a last minute change of mind to vote no after some conversations with a few female friends; a mum originally from Northern Ireland; another a mum originally from Sweden and a friend from Galway who is not a mum ( yet, anyway :) )
        I didn’t base it on just chatter, I did some reasoned reading too.

        First, the propaganda from the govt has been shown and ruled in court last Thursday to be one sided. See Harry McGee’s piece in the Irish Times here http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2012/1110/1224326411127.html

        By changing article 42 we will ratify the UNCRC – United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child – and effectively hand over all laws regarding children to the UN. Another loss of Irish sovereignty.

        As children are not autonomous, the State can decide anything even if the child disagrees. Effectively, this also removes children’s rights by giving the state the final say, not the child as we have been lead to believe.

        The states record to date does not give me much hope of them doing a decent job in the future.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        I’m obviously late with that reply, sorry. Anyway, there’ll be some form of lynching I imagine come December 11th when a full ruling / report on this referendum is released by the Supreme Court over the govts handling of this.

        I know I’m in the corner with a load of looneys but just look at the turnout…33%! People just didn’t look at this and many just don’t care. The apathy is tiresome. Shameful even.

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