The Irish ‘Teaspora’ Song Is Here



After a worldwide hunt ‘gathering’ video footage of brew-loving Irish emigrants…

Róisín O: The Tea Song

Darragh Genockey writes:

Here’s the finished product. After last week’s post we received videos from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, London, a family in Denmark, and a few others. Thanks. I hope people in Ireland will like the song. Video edited by  Alan Joseph Tully


Of course it fails to tackle the big question.

Barry’s, Lyon’s OR organic?.

Róisín O 

56 thoughts on “The Irish ‘Teaspora’ Song Is Here

      1. Frodo Baggins

        I’ll give you the ads, Barry’s ads are like our embarrassing under achieving child who ruins our christmas dinners with relatives

  1. youkilledmyfatherpreparetodie

    I do wish folks were more aware of the fact that Lyons is the same tea sold as PG Tips in the UK, though Lyons claim that the UK-packed Lyons boxes exported to Ireland for sale is ‘blended to the Irish palette’.

    Lyons Tea is about as Irish as Cromwell.

    *sits back and waits for tirade of pedantry relating to tea actually being of Indo-China origin*

    1. Sidewinder

      I don’t prefer Lyons because I think it’s more Irish or something. I prefer it because I like the taste better than Barrys.

  2. Evenprime

    Really loved that, brought a tear to my eye.
    I think we all now have loved ones living and working abroad. I hope they’re all getting to follow their dreams and are working hard at the things they love to do. To the best and brightest – follow your dreams

  3. Formerly Known as

    The video of the woman in the bikini, stating she was in Melbourne…..I’ve yet to find that beach here.

      1. Ibbo

        Disagree. Good song and even better video. Hope all the people featured make it home at some stage. The country is a worse place without ya.

  4. Lu

    Triple mmmf.

    Seeing all those lovely shots around London reminds how fecking full to the rafters this place is of us – and completely vindicates my decision not to send a video

  5. Sasie

    Lads, seriously, this needs to be marked NSFW. Sitting at my desk in Oxford, having my morning tea, and hoping no one in the office turns around to see I’m blubbing. It’s a bad at the time I read the Joe O’Connor poem in the Aer Lingus Cara magazine and cried half-way to Heathrow.

  6. Jockstrap

    Barry’s or Lyon’s? (Both crap)
    Galtee or Denny? (The same company)
    Tayto or King? (The same company)

    Adertisers know how parochial and partisan we are and make millions out of perceived differences rather than real ones.

      1. Jockstrap

        Do you remember all Irish bacon was taken off the shelves a couple of years ago due to a pig feed scare?

        Galtee and Denny products were left on the shelf.

        Because they’re not Irish.

  7. wheeliebin

    I just got a month’s worth of Barry’s sent to me in Germany yesterday. What do you mean, ‘I’m not invited’.

  8. Fifi

    Didn’t realise it had to be in so soon, would have sent a video from good ole Nam. Nice video. Annoyed with myself now.

  9. oscarthefuzz

    Does no one out there drink Barry’s AND Lyons? I’m going to put myself in for the first one then…as long as it’s not feckin Earl Grey or some other nonsense.
    And no one has mentioned the sad foreign proclivity for serving you tea with the bag sitting BESIDE the fuckin pot of (5 minutes ago) ‘boiling’ water, for any foreigners hoping to make a cup o tea which would please an Irish person please do not underestimate the basic tenet that is having the water at boiling point when it hits the teabag (loose leaf when i am feeling particularly generous to myself).
    Anyway, I’m on the way back now .. Canadian hoors won’t gimme another visa so I’ll see ye for a Christmas cuppa….
    as me mate at home says .. ‘once ya get used to the poverty tis grand’

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