The first trailer for Marc Forster’s World War Z starring Brad Pitt.

It remains to be seen what fans of Max Brooks’ book will make of it, but visually, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse in full effect – with deadsters swarming like ants, making the running dead of 28 Days Later and Dawn of The Dead look positively sedentary.

2013 release date to be confirmed.

All we know for now is that Ireland and Iceland will be safe as houses, come the actual day.

(Hat tip: Lorcan McGrane)


55 thoughts on “ZOMG!

    1. Justin

      you have that too?! I thought it was just in my gaff.

      I reckon it’s from the brown bins (mandatory per-household fly incubation chambers that they are).

      1. ReBel

        apple/balsamic vinegar in an egg cup with a tiny slice of banana peel in it. And a drop of washing up liquid to break the surface tension. Best fruit fly trap Ive ever seen

  1. Nigel

    The book is genuinely great, probably the most interesting and successful piece of zombie literature out there (written, by the son of Mel Brooks, no less.) This… does not look like a faithful adaptation, though given the nature of the book that may well be impossible anyway. Perhaps they’ll have Pitt travel the zombie infested world collecting stories, a la the book? Anyway, it does look kind of epic and awesome in its own right, and may take from the book the focus on fighting back against the zombie hordes, rather than the usual ‘small groups struggles to survive.’ It could well be dreadful, obviously, but a big epic zombie war movie would be just my cuppa tea.

    1. Joe

      Hopefully they will retain some of the good scenes in the book from other countries and not just focus on Yonkers. The “Lobo” had better show up and the change of shooting tactics to formation firing with focus on head shots.

      1. No Fun

        Try, “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” for some zombie literature, gives you the old world Austen charm mixed with scenes of crazed zombies.
        It’s pointless, but it spawned a fake literature genre with Android Karrenena and “Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters” following after.

        But, yes, zombie literature is a thing now.

    2. Tom

      I disagree, Brooks is a right wing hack who only got the book published by virtue of his name and lineage.

      1. No Fun

        I disagree right back atcha.
        The book is fantastic, full of hypothetic political and social responses to a zombie apocalypse, told from numerous different viewpoints in different countries all relaying their experiences to the journalist author of the book.
        The book is possibly one of the only great examples of the modern (Post-Romero) definition zombies in literature and is a high point of horror reading in the last few years.

        1. jean

          I’m with you ‘no fun’. It’s a fantastic read. And certainly not right wing in tone – lots of satire about the Bush terror response, the anthrax scare etc.

      2. Nigel

        Why would him being right wing make the book bad? I’m sorry, the book is a success and critically well-regarded in its own right.

  2. Custo

    Surely it would have been too much to expect a documentary style series of vignettes from around the world interspersed with some of the tense ‘action’ sequences, like in the book.

    It looks like Dantes Peak with Zombies.

  3. Action Man

    ‘Ireland and Iceland will be safe’

    According to the book, the pope hides out in Armagh.

    A very easy book to make a complete balls of movie wise, I really hope they do it justice.

      1. Advertising On Police Cars

        Looks mega meh, Walking dead has better production values, also I heard the ending had to be re-written due to poor audience test results, I keep expecting Brad to berak into his perfume mantra…..

      2. Action Man

        I kind of figured that given the amount of re-writes and re-shoots involved. They wanted a trilogy but were told to squeeze it into 1 movie.

  4. Steve-Oh

    A movie can’t do the book justice. If they wanted to adapt the book into live action then a TV show was the way to go, ala The Walking Dead.

  5. IDB

    Should we start planning what to do? I’d say invite all of Iceland over, close the borders and then start the re-population. Then, after all the foreign Zombies are dead, we’ll divvy out the world.
    I shotgun the Adriatic region.
    All of it.

  6. Luke

    It’s already been said but it’s true that it’s almost impossible to make a movie the same as the book. but hopefully it can carry over some of the amazing stories and characters rather than just throwing zombies in your face.

    Definitely one of my all time favourite books.

  7. Frodo Baggins

    Looks great, will re-read the book now in a few weeks too.
    I like Pitt’s acting in most films. He’ll make it enjoyable enough

  8. BSC

    You cant make a film of the book it doesn’t lend itself but this looks awesome and for me the most anticipated film ever

  9. John Gallen

    If you don’t like zombie movies F*** OFF! Go watch Atonement (I liked that too, btw)

    It’s escapism and scary cinema fun. Nothing more and this looks like a good one. That is all.

  10. Listrade

    That they resorted to zombies with the athletic prowess of Usain Bolt implies they really did not have a clue on adapting the book.

    The writing was on the wall with the sudden re-writes and re-shoots.

    1. Mea-Lua

      If memory serves, yeah. Islands in general were a bit of a pain in the arse, what with zombies walking out of the ocean.

  11. No Fun

    Anyone who loved the book should also check out the audiobook.
    It’s done like a really great radioplay, with different actors reading out all of the different characters. Alan Alda’s even on the cast list.

    Anyone who liked the book should have known that a movie will never do the source material justice. Following the development of the movie, this is a massive shift from the book’s intent, so people can either be disappointed in advance and take the “I told you so!” attitude that is evident to everyone OR go in with low expectations, remember that they’ll always have the book to re-read and the audiobook does a d*mn fine job as a supplementary to it.

    1. Rob

      Audiobook is my definitive version of it..I do not recommend however, listening to certain parts of it whilst out for a walk in the mountains around sun-set…on your own. This trailer looks deadly i think…bears no resemblance to the book of the same name which is fine by me…it won’t feel like they are making a mess of it then..Its just a different story with the same name.

      1. Tickle

        Being an audio book fan, “Films for the ears” I calls ’em.

        I got myself the audio book. (Really must close my audible uk account :/ More books at this stage than I can ever listen too)

        Thanks again everyone!

  12. Mea-Lua

    Hang on – a UN employee is the hero? That spoils it a bit. Also a little bit of a stretch re. credulity. I can buy a world-wide zombie apocalypse……a UN agency doing its job without it costing 5 times more than it should, not so much.

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