Meanwhile, In Buncrana


Students and teachers from Scoil Mhuire, Buncrana, Co. Donegal with what must certainly be the first whole school Undertones/One Direction/Little Mix/J-Lo/Queen/PSY lip dub ever performed in Ireland.

Or anywhere.

Damn, we like these kids.

(Hat tip: Ciarán Nolan)

77 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Buncrana

    1. Seán

      Get outta here Janet you big ol’ loser, everyone knows Buncrana’s is way better, stop trying to advertise your useless one

    1. lush

      i am presuming this is sarcasm..or irony…
      It’s Buncrana…not overly reputed for its racial diversity.

      1. Darren

        Not at all. Should have said I enjoyed it and well done to them. Just surprised that they were all white faces (except for the Asian girl) considering how many different people live here now. Wasn’t a criticism but I could have expressed it better.

        1. Paulina

          Stop complaining, u can clearly see french, polish and spanish flags! There are loads of different nationalities in the Scoil Mhuire and any form of racism isnt acceptable there!

          1. Darren

            Who is complaining and what’s wrong with being surprised by not seeing a variety of races given the demographics of the country. Did I say I thought they were excluded or the school was racially biased! I know teachers from a few areas and they have loads of different kids in their classes. Maybe Buncrana is an exception. Get a grip.

    2. katie

      there may be alot of white kids but there are plenty of different nationalities eg Spanish, Polish, Bhutanese, Dutch

        1. Anna

          It was indeed done in one take. The parts where it fades out is when the music was not synced up with the ‘lip dubers’ because it was played out through the school’s intercom and it had a few problems with stopping and skipping.

        2. IDB

          Oh, maybe it was because it was done by children. Probably with little professional directorial experience.

    1. rory

      I think these things work better if you don’t over-choreograph them. You tend to sap the heart of the thing (‘gleeify it’ I mean) if you do. Effort, fun and ramshackle heart is way better.

    2. Emile

      There isn’t really any choreography in it, is there??! At 4:52 there is the transition year Zumba class going on, but that’s it as far as I remember, then the obligatory gangnam style at the end!!!

  1. Anna

    Don’t be so harsh now. These kids had very little time to organise everything. I think it was 2-3 days maximum. They did 2 full run-throughs in one take in 1 day and worked extremely hard on it. And it is near to 100% white kids because it’s a small-town school in the Republic of Ireland, there would be few different races.
    It seems can’t do something with good intentions these days, there’s always negative feedback no matter what! Positive feedback and constructive criticism is what boosts confidence, these kids are fantastic! Give them a break and lighten up, they looked like they had so much fun. And at the end of the day, it’s only a bit of craic!

    1. Atticus

      In fairness, most of the comments are extremely positive…….especially from a Broadsheets audience!

  2. Bernie D

    Loved it! And many cultures were represented with kids from as far away as Muff and Dumfries included!

  3. amazingperson

    OMG I love this!! Looks like so much fun too!! Well done to the great director (whoever she is!) and students!!

  4. Claire D

    The director is the only and only Emile Rainey. And, he did a fantastic job, check out his page ‘Rainey Day Productions’ on Facebook! :)

    1. sigh

      Oh this is such a welcome break from the usual shower of grumpy contrarian sh*theels that plague this site. All of whom will return first thing Monday morning.

  5. Anne

    Brilliant joyful video with loads of laugh out load moments. Well done everyone involved. It’s not easy to make a Broadsheet audience applaud something (and on a Monday, no less)

  6. Cohen Hand

    Well done to everyone involved.

    But one question: if such a thing happened when I was back in a school (a long time ago now), I would have killed myself rather than participate. And the people I hung around with would have also probably killed themselves. Partly out of embarrassment, and partly out of a conviction that something as mainstream as this just wasn’t cool.

    Where are all the scowling, anti-social, bad-tempered, angst-ridden, rebellious teenagers gone? Or is everyone well-adjusted in Buncrana?

  7. Ko

    Absolutely brilliant!! But can’t post to Facebook, endpoint not verified or some such;( well done everyone!!!

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