20 thoughts on “Anything Good In Easons, O’Connell Street, Dublin?

  1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    One is a faceless automaton with a gift for swerving.
    The other does stupid stunts

    Still dont know which statment applies to which?

    1. Mani

      You….have had an interesting sex education. Were you duped as a child? ‘You see….the vagina is latin for mouth, my boy. Now tell me. Does this rag smell funny?’

  2. Miles O'Tool

    Wouldn’t bother buying it – will be on sale after Christmas

    Don’t want to spoil it but probably along the lines of

    Was a genius at school, brought apples for the teacher
    Daddy played football
    Disn’t know what to do for a career so I tried teaching – great holidays, wages and pension
    Daddy died and I got his job – great holidays, wages and pension
    Kissed ass on back benches and did what I was told
    Got a spokesman job and praciced being sincere
    Got a minister job and was even more sincere
    Party leaders fell on their own swords and I was the least useless candidate
    Party leader
    Nobody likes me
    FFers screwed up
    Jaysus I’m the Taoiseach
    I’m an international satesman
    That German lady likes me
    The French bloke likes me – he kissed me!
    The Irish people went mad
    Them Europeans recognise my unique talents
    Kissed ass on the European stage and did what I was told
    Love them long holidays, great wages and mighty pension

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