Is This Your Beagle?


Anon writes:

I found this Beagle on the train tracks this evening at 6.10pm at Coolmine train station, Dublin 15. She is only a puppy. I brought her to Hillcrest veterinary hospital on the Clonsilla Road (01 8213189). She is not chipped and has a black collar with no tag. They will keep her for a few days but said she would then be sent to the pound, I’ve told them not to send her and I’d come get her. Someone has to know who owns her?


UPDATE: Owner FOUND (see comments).

Thanks Emma Dunphy

42 thoughts on “Is This Your Beagle?

  1. RealWorld

    Can you contact , if you are unable to look after it.

    They are a charity which will look to rehome the dog. Here in Ireland or abroad.


  2. Small Wonder

    I don’t know if I believe in lost dogs. I always wonder would she have found her way home soon after if someone hadn’t walked off with her.

    1. Jess

      On the ther hand, wandering around on train tracks she might have found her way to doggie heaven soon enough too…

  3. Choppysixty6

    Last hope charity are great too for posting pictures of lost dogs or rehoming them
    Best of luck little doggy x

    1. Small Wonder

      Seriously? You don’t think it’s a valid question? Not specifically in this case, but in general.

      I’ve seen collars that you can get for your pet that say “I’m allowed to play outside”. Owners who are fed up with well,-meaning people turning their animal in buy them.

      I would be interested to see how far the dog was from home. I’m happy to be corrected on my theory.

      1. sarah

        Of course people who let their dogs ‘play outside’ alone aren’t there to pick up their crap so regardless of whether the dogs goes missing it’s a shitty thing to do ( pun intended)

      2. Jess

        Letting your dog out on its own is risky(especially if it ends up wandering along train tracks!), but letting it out with NO identification of any kind is just irresponsible.

      3. Caroline

        There was a dog that used to bounce around White Rock beach in Dalkey with a tag that read “I love the sea, let me be”.

  4. Brisweeney

    So cute. I’ll take her if you can’t look after her. Looking for a dog, and love beagles.

    A log of “lost” dogs are simply thrown out of the car far enough away from home that they won’t find their way home. How people do it is beyond me.

    1. Butnae

      Looks a well cared for dog up to now.

      Could have come down to having money to feed the family or feed the dog but not both. Yes there are more humane ways to deal with the situation, but people in this situation may not be thinking logically if the situation is bad enough.

      1. Kari

        That attitude is the reason so many dogs have to be put down or are in shelters. A dog eats whatever you are eating, you don’t necessarily have to feed them expensive food if you are that badly off and there are always shelters that take in “surrenders”. I know you weren’t agreeing with the theory but I just wanted to point that out as unfortunately that apathetic attitude is the reason there are so many stray dogs.

    2. B Bop

      Is truly heartbreaking how anyone could discard a dog.
      Irresponsible ownership is next -microchipping & contact details are vital.
      And the poo on pavements, parks etc – is absolute laziness & utter disregard for all.
      Dogs can be such precious pets -it’s some owners who need a stay in the pound.
      Best of luck with that gorgeous Beagle.

  5. Andy Morr

    I think i know who owns him. Ive made a phone call to the owners, will keep you guys updated if its their dog. Im sure not too many beagles go missing in blanch of a monday evening!

  6. Andy Morr

    Yup, thats my friends dog! They will make contact tomorrow. Owner is from heartstown so not too far away for those wondering!! One little boy will sleep well tonight knowing his new puppy is safe and well!! Chipping time perhaps???

  7. Continuity Jay-Z

    Can we attack the owner’s for their callousness yet? Waiting on Broadsheet to give the signal. When we get the go, it’s hammer time!

  8. ciaran dunne

    That’s my dog and it was a complete accident her getting out and when my wife told me what happened i left work early and spent the next six hours running around blanch lookin for her our hearts were broken and especially my sons..she Will be getting chipped asap just had her neutered and have money for chipping this week she is an extremely well kept dog and is a huge part of my family and thanks to the good nature of some people we Will be reunited with her very soon..u can’t express enough how grateful we are for her being found..and she was literally around the corner from our home..thanks once again to the wonderfull people who saved won’t happen again she Will be glued to my wife and sons side..

    1. CH

      We have a Beagle for the last 6 years. They get out whenever they can leg it… and come back when it suits them. As soon as you can get him chipped do….

  9. Murtles

    “..and she was literally around the corner from our home..”

    Good call Small Wonder. Lost Dog Saga becomes Dog Napping Terr(ier)or.

  10. Spaghetti Hoop

    I was going to say it’s only a goddamn animal and please get on with your life but emotions have already heaved to breaking point on this post so I’ll slip off quietly.

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