Mario Nails Miriam


“thanks a miiiiilion for coming in.”

A sneak preview.

Miriam O’Callaghan on The Mario Rosenstock Show, which starts tonight, RTÉ Two, 9.30pm.

Thanks Anne-Louise Foley

25 thoughts on “Mario Nails Miriam

  1. other david

    Preferred the Apres Match take.

    Still, she herself can deliver lines that go beyond parody.

    If I recall correctly, in the infamous interview with Brian Lenihan, she uttered the following line:

    “People are literally being crucified out there”

    As far as I am aware, as bad as things are, no-one has been literally crucified, yet.

  2. CapitalEye

    He was on the late late on Friday night.. again. The interviews are so contrived it makes me hurt.

    Ryan: So Mario, have you run into Daniel O’Donnell recently?
    Mario breaks into D O’D monologue.

    Ryan: Hahaha. So Mario, have you run into Michael Flatley recently?
    Mario breaks into MF monologue.


    1. Fiddlestix

      Exactly, it’s horrendous. He’s like a child going “look at me, look at my silly voice!”

      When your career peak is making silly voices of Daniel O’Donnell, you need to take a good look at yourself. Even sadder is the fact that people LAP IT UP! Gift Grub is consistently number 1 album on release, and his shows sell out. This f**king country…

  3. Mr Meh

    Yeah have to agree with the commentators above- not recognizable as Miriam, but worst, no gags and completely unfunny.

  4. Pedanto

    This is toothless. Miriam would love it. “Oh, I AM an awful flirt!” There’s plenty to go after. The idea that she masks a lack of preparation with mock outrage, or that she is greedy for her guests to cry, or that she looks cross-eyed and vacuous when she’s reading the monitor. Or that she is completely unsuited for a chat show, but it would be a bit awkward for her husband to fire her. (That’s a scene a good writer could have real fun with.)

    This looks like the satire of a team who expect to be at the same after-party as their targets.

    It’s also badly shot – the camera should have caught that finger-walk up the arm, rather than leaving us to piece it together. But I like his radio stuff. Maybe this will find its edge.

  5. Sido

    A sneak preview and probably the “most hilarious” of the bunch funnies. Sadly, Mario jumped the shark with the Special One years ago. How we all laughed (the first time we heard it).

    You might want to check your times for this show – my magazine (Sunday Times “Culture”) says “Homeland” is on at 9:30

    1. Pedanto

      It’s up on Player now. I didn’t find it that good. The battle of idioms between Flatley and his housekeeper was funny, and the Daithi O Se bit has potential to grow good and frightening.

      But there were long stretches without a laugh. Some of the jokes were Tops of the Towns at best. “Mic.” “It’s Mick.” “No, mic.” “Mick!” etc. How did that get through?

    2. El Cuno

      I have to say I was really disappointed with it – I like Gift Grub and was looking forward to seeing how it would transfer to television. Unfortunately, RTE seems to be able to make funny people unfunny. There were writing credits to genuine talents like Paul Howard and Colm Tobin as well, but it just didn’t work. The sketch about the evictions was cringe-worthy….will give it another try next week.

    3. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      Moan moan moan. I get the impression that people wanted to hate it without giving it a chance. I laughed from beginning to end and that is some achievement given it was a Monday and I still had the fear from a weekend on the lash.

      1. Pedanto

        I’m glad you enjoyed it, but your hostility and suspicion towards those who doesn’t share your view is baffling.

        I agree with El Cuno about PH and CT, by the way. There’s potential there, but they need a lot more ideas and a ruthless editor.

        1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

          Suspicion? Who do you think I am, Angela Lansbury? I just don’t like negative people, I’m not suspicious of them. I am suspicious of Kerry people if that helps.

      2. Sido

        Here! Here! – The Nation needs a good laugh. especially in these dark days. I for one am fabulously grateful to RTÉ spending our license payers money on funny impersonators like Mario and this rib tickling stuff.

  6. Irrelevant

    Irish TV is appalling. The never ending Montrose circle jerk.

    The comedians aren’t funny, the chat show hosts are fools and Love/Hate is shit.

    If you disagree then you’re part of the problem.

  7. pauly g

    Watched about ten minutes and didn’t think it was very funny. I find Mario himself very conceited and I think it shines through in all his characters.
    At least it’s RTE trying something with a new comedian who has proven mass appeal even if it doesn’t work that well.

  8. Johnny

    Irrelevant, first time commenting for me. Driven to it by your bile. If you rely on RTE so much to provide your kicks then you’re the one with the problem. ‘Get a life’ doesn’t near cover for it for you.

  9. andy

    Skits taking off MTV Cribs and Big Brother – good to see Mario and his mates have their fingers on the pulse.

    Truly awful. Phantom fm awful.

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