The Nanny State


From the Department of Health.

Good Posture (1979), Say ‘I Don’t Smoke’ (1989) and Slimey Snake (1993). But can you name the non-smokers in pic 2?

Via US National Library of Medicine

Thanks Sibling Of Daedalus

26 thoughts on “The Nanny State

  1. Tickle

    I was a fan of the Superman No smoking campaign myself. That dastardly “Nick O’ Teen”

    Pity I didn’t pay more attention to it :/

  2. kerryview

    of course I can name them – so could anyone who can read the names on the pics.

    maybe it’s just me.

  3. bongobob

    Ok here goes!!!

    Rory Gallagher, Marian Finucane, Senator Ronan Mullen, Ronan Keating, Nell McCafferty, Fiona Looney, Declan Nerney, Boyzone, Twink and Ex-Green Party TD Paul Gogarty…

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