(Roy McHugh

(Mark Freeley)

(Johnny Cox)

(David Gibbon)

(Byron Delthrick)

My friend David’s fabulous moustache after a week’s growth! (Caroline Johnston)

(Alex Quigley)

It was never going to be easy.

But we’ve whittled down Friday’s entries to our Hailo/Movember Challenge to seven finalists above.

But which pair will win the €30 of free credit with Hailo taxi app

YOU decide.

When judging please take note of texture, volume and ‘dash’.

Lines close at 2pm

91 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. DonnietheDunesman

    I was going to vote for the first guy then I noticed that he shops at IKEA. I have to give it to the last guy as he has a funny ol head on him.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    Stick them in a room together,,for no other reason than to keep them off the street so real men can thrive

  3. Bingo

    I’ll tell you who doesn’t deserve it, to provide a fresh, negative angle. Byron Delthrick. What is going on there? He looks like he’s just murdered many people. And he’s not doing it right at all. And he’s playing Secret Service with that earpiece. And he looks vaguely smelly. Musty, like.

    1. Brendan

      Byron Delthrick shouldn’t count as it states in the movember rules…There must be no hair connected from tash to head..In this case he does…Also it looks like he had a serious night out!!

  4. jim

    seven self-promoting arseh*les. Let them all win. Why don’t they just give quietly. Movember is a yawnfest.

  5. Rufty

    Number 5 should be disqualified for the simple reason that he is sporting a beard, not a Mo. Poor form sir!

  6. BSC

    You know what I learned recently? A lot of people down the country give up the drink for the month of November. Would’t it be nice if people had a sponsored no drink for the month of November and maybe donate some of the money they’ve saved to cancer research. Instead of probably the most effortless thing a man can do? Also it doesn’t involve multiple self shots. I cant believe theres lads who think its funny or “mad” to grow a tache for Novemeber and raise about 50 quid.

  7. Quint

    I agree with Frankie Boyle – I would happily give any man growing a tache for November money for charity if they, in return, SHUT THE F**K UP ABOUT IT.

  8. Jockstrap

    WTF kind of keyboard / computer is in the pic behind David Gibbon?

    Also, his eyebrows and tache look the same.

  9. Hulkey

    I think Dave Gibbon should win, because not only does he have the best tash, but he clearly needs taxi vouchers. Thank you

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