70 thoughts on “Anything Good In Closer Magazine This Week?

    1. Gallant

      That’s probably a fair assessment.

      I wonder how it started.
      Was she bored during the ads for I’m A Celebrity?

      1. SBY

        If the puppy pug had been abandoned by its mother or better yet lost its mother in a fire or better again it was a baby bear then yes – much better.

        “I could not BEAR to let it die” said the quote headline.

  1. Operatick

    At what exact point did it all go wrong? How did we turn from hairy, innocent, monkey-like fellas into dog-suckling wierdos?

  2. Jockstrap

    Goes to show how some people are so emotionally thick they can’t distinguish between a human and an animal.

    “Oh they’re my babies”

    No. No they are not. They are animals. They just stick with whoever fed them last.

        1. Maro

          I’m lost now. What’s vice versa? Too many pets think children are idiots? A lot of them are, you know…

          1. SBY

            Vice versa was a latin whore who abandoned her kids when she thought they were baby goats. She later went mad with regret and started breast feeding wild animals – hence the legend of Romulas and Remus.

  3. KeithFahey’s Moustache


    Christ on a bike this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen and I have been to Lourdes and a barn dance in Mayo!

  4. Jolly

    It’s really disturbing… but I kind of wonder why we find it so weird when for example a dog breastfeeding piglets is considered adorable. Granted, it’s not like she’s doing it to save the dogs life as it’s obviously not a puppy, but even if she was trying to save it’s life I doubt we would find it cute. No?

    1. Joe

      you’ll not find me drinking cows milk from the source, teet milked into bucket then a straw from the bucket to my gob.

    2. Jebus Cripes

      Drinking milk for nourishment is fine. Breastfeeding a dog to get a feeling of emotional “completeness” is weird.

  5. Seán O hUisceanna

    This is a private matter between an exuberant woman and her pet. As such, we have no business interfering. I have no doubt it is the misguided Yes vote in the Nanny-State Referendum which has emboldened so many commenters here to stick their oars in.

    There is a darker aspect, however. The longer this pug keeps that woman lactating, the more he is functioning as an unnatural contraceptive device.

    Is that why Matt Talbot shoved barbed wire down his socks and died? I don’t think so.

    1. SBY

      Ha ha! Well deduced Doctor.

      Imagine that conversation with her Pharmacist

      “So Terri ( they’re on first name terms because he is her cousin’s neighbour ) what is you current contraceptive device?”

      “A two year old Pug”.

      1. Caroline

        Unsettling news everyone! I read this article in the hairdressers and she’s not feeding it often enough to have a contraceptive effect. Which means both of them could breed again, I guess.

  6. dave g k

    You’re about three/four weeks behind the posse on this one BS.

    …in other news Obama was elected and there was a big sh_tstorm about what Jimmy Savile and his mates were up to.

  7. Johnny

    Tadhg is spot on. Humans are the only species in the world that drinks another species’ milk, as well as being the only species that drinks it beyond the initial period of growth, in which you require the nourishment it provides. There is no reason to drink milk of any kind as an adult. Sure, it’s disturbing she is literally breastfeeding the dog, but basically, would this be alright if she milked herself, pasteurised it and stuck it in a bottle first?

    1. Jockstrap

      No he doesn’t have a point.

      “Humans are the only species in the world that drinks another species’ milk”

      Apparently dogs also do it.

      1. Johnny

        I clearly meant by choice, Jockstrap. Humans have the cognitive skill that enables them to know exactly what the f**k it is they are drinking, yet continue to. Cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn’t drink cow’s milk, Maro, but yeah, if you give it to them they’ll drink it. I agree Caroline, it just bugs me that for the most part, people ignore the fact that there is nothing natural about drinking cow’s milk and our habits are a lot weirder than we are willing to admit.

    2. Caroline

      Well, speaking personally, yeah I wouldn’t give a crap if she did that. I really do think it’s the delivery method that is squicky. And the motivation is a bit rum too, if that doesn’t make me sound too terribly judgemental.

  8. Katz

    ‘Her tongue tickles and i do feel her teeth, but they dont hurt me’ f*ck the f*ck OFF!!!!!!!! Viiiiiile

  9. Sam

    Is she allowed do that in restaurants (if she pretended to be blind, people might think it’s a guide dog, but she thinks it’s a child).
    Her kids are in for some mean insults in the playground…
    Weird, but then again, a woman in Limerick died after shagging one about 4 years ago.

  10. Prunty

    I’d say at least one person involved in this article reflected on how delighted they were with that picture and then felt disgusted. Maybe I should have said ‘I hope at least..’. Repugnant.

  11. cousinjack

    Is this not the kind of thing the childrens referndum was for. The state should take her kids (and dog) into care asap.

    Clearly delussional

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