34 thoughts on “Anything Good On BillCullen.com?

  1. Aaron

    Busy At Maths lesson 1; how many penny apples does Bill need to sell in order to clear an €8.2m judgement..

  2. Joe

    A Top 100 Irish businessmen falling down the ranks. It was reasonable easy to make that list in the boom times lets see who can stay on it in the tougher times, they’re the ones who are the real businessmen.

    1. Chucky R. Law

      I once considered buying a car from his business, and the suited salesboy who dealt with me was the epitome of Apprentice-like cretins. HIs arrogance when I attempted to negotiate on price led to me leaving the premises immediately. Businesses run like that don’t deserve to survive.

  3. Phil

    I am little uncomfortable saying this but looking at that article , I understand the word Schadenfreude today.

    Maybe he can stop lecturing us now, on how early we should be getting up in the morning to look for jobs.Shit happens, to Good and bad businessmen , no matter how clever you think you are or how clever other people tell you are….

  4. Kolmo

    I remember him talking to Matt Cooper saying that the sign of a healthy economy is lots of new cars on the roads..no Bill – it was a sign of cheap unregulated credit – not a healthy economy.
    He took risks and appeared to work hard so I wouldn’t begrudge the man.

  5. No Fun

    Low on his list of priorities right now is probably “hiring an IT admin to update & maintain his current status via a website”.

  6. Captain Obvious

    Even if Bill was still in business and turning a profit that website is absolutely hilarious. How can someone be so wrapped up in themselves that a website like that doesn’t seem outrageously arrogant, egotistic and pompous???

  7. Joe

    Live your dreams. Bill made it happen. Now you can too.
    Follow Bills ROADMAP TO SUCCESS and you too can be €8.2m in debt.

  8. Stephen

    Never met him and didn’t like his persona one little bit..nor did i ever buy a car from him. But I do feel sorry for him, Bitten by the economic crisis like the rest of us just on a bigger scale. Didn’t break laws like others and shouldn’t really be kicked when he’s down.

  9. jim

    god, i remember good ‘ol bill telling the unemployed to get on their bikes and find a job, anything, sweep floors for free if you have too. Bankruptcy couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy. Cullen is a ten top gobsh*te.

      1. jim

        that depends if you’re writing vernacular or polite english. volshinov would correct you on your pedantic position.

          1. Pedanto

            Ha! I felt bad, but it was a kind of pedant’s apotheosis. I was powerless to resist.

            I think I’ll retire this name now and join you and Val for a pint of what could of been.

          1. C Sharp

            New law: People correcting bad grammar and spelling are 50% more likely to fk up spelling and grammar in doing so.

  10. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    Bill is not bankrupt he just has a judgment against him for a personal guarantee of 12 Million loaned to one of his business. People forget that all proceeds from his 2002 autobiography were donated to the Irish Youth Foundation and he is not the worst of the money grabbing celtic tiger types.

    He may be a lot of things but under it all he appears to be a decent skin, Yep one of his business has failed and the Muckross park hotel is bleeding money but I am sure Bill won’t go hungry anytime soon

  11. Rod

    Got into debt, dealing with it and facing up to responsibilities and B.ie posters not attending lectures abuse him.

    Yeah can really understand that one.

  12. Rock Shandy

    So one of his businesses failed and a personal guarantee was called in by the bank. Happens all the time.

    I don’t like his self aggrandising or self promotion, but the guy did nothing wrong or illegal.

    I hope he does better in his next business venture.

  13. Jockstrap

    A constant feature of Irish business people is how they engage the services of others and then simply refuse to pay afterwards.

    The courts need to up the ante with c***ts who do this and really hammer them for it. It destroys smaller businesses who don’t the time or resources to engage a legal team. And it’s just plain c**ty.

    A lot of these so-called respectable business people are leaving unpaid bills all over the place and getting rich as a result.

  14. Continuity Jay-Z

    Bill, if you’re Inthernet is not cut off and you are reading, come work for me for free until you get back on your feet.

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