46 thoughts on “Defiant Gathering

      1. C Sharp

        Curiously, I was reading something recently where the gov were criticised for not including free postage on the cards. In the same breath, there was criticism of wasting taxpayers money.

        Which is it to be?

        1. Maro

          It would also be ironic to send one to Bono seeing as he and his wife did something similar to Blair a while back.

  1. Aram

    I’d say the discussion on whether or not to include a token black person raged on for hours till they reached the compromise of putting in a token brown person instead. The lads behind this are worth every penny. Bless their little hats.

    1. Jockstrap

      Yep. They would have thought, well there was no black people apart from Phil Lynott until about 1998 so there’s no children of black Irish old enough to emigrate yet so that’s means we don’t have to include them in the Gathering image gallery. But we should stick in a sliiiiiightly brown person just to sure, you know…. Spanish Armada and all that.

      1. Klarticus

        Despite the belief that hundreds of scuppered Spanish lotharios landed during the armada & pissed in the gene pool of Connaught , its thought only about 50 horny Spaniards survived the Armada , they can’t be responsible for all the brown folks can they??

        1. Jockstrap

          No but there was very active sea trading up and down the west of coast of Europe from Scandinavia and as far down as Senegal in west Africa way back to early medieval times.

          So thousands of brown chaps stopped off for a bit of upsy daisy and how’s your father.

  2. Dublinentendre

    Jaysus, we’ve even got to pay for the stamps ourselves? Talk about a bord failte campaign on the cheap.

    Expect this photo in reality to look more like fat white americans standing in a doorway in Temple Bar to get out of the rain.

    1. notmytype

      Not sure if its the same typeface but no the Guardian don’t have ownership of the typeface they commisioned. It can be licensed from a foundry.

  3. Pigeon Street

    The models (all non-Irish surely) were asked to keep a straight face during the shoot., but once the idiotic concept of “The Gathering” was explained…

  4. John Duffy

    The likes of Sminky Shorts and The Savage Eye are more humble offerings to those who have left Ireland -by choice or not. More humbling than “cead mile failte” and a sickly smile from our cynical government who are way too involved in the promotion of this farce.

  5. cousinjack

    This photo just confirms that there are no good looking people and very few dentists outside of South County Dublin.

    And OMG Arran Jumpers, thats so 1986

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