Eleven Athlete Powered Rube Goldberg Machine


Behold, the Red Bull Kluge.

Conceived by Adam Sadowsky, built at the decommissioned El Toro Marine Station near Irvine California, made in 17 days by 100 workers using 25 tonnes of material and powered by 11 champion athletes (including Scottish trials rider Danny MacAskill)

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10 thoughts on “Eleven Athlete Powered Rube Goldberg Machine

  1. G

    Great, but it would be so much more impressive if they could do it in one shot. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

  2. Continuity Jay-Z

    Seems like a lot of work to hand a fella chilly can. I’ve a Rube Goldberg machine that involves me pulling a fridge door and it opens to revel and chilly can.

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