How Annoying?


Damn annoying.

Scottish comic Brian Limond dissects hipsters in the park.

Series 3 of Limmy’s Show started on BBC2 Scotland last night (available on Sky 970 and Free To Air).

24 thoughts on “How Annoying?

  1. Goolay

    All hail @daftlimmy! Brillant stuff. One note though on the above. It’s not available on 970 on Sky in ROI. It needs to be tuned in and added to other channels.

  2. savage henry

    Googoogagas : Modus Operandi is one of the funniest sketches I’ve ever seen and I really don’t know why.

  3. IDB

    Wait a second, “Scottish comic Brian Limond dissects hipsters in the park”?
    Booze, music, crap dancing, annoying laugh?… What he’s describing there is knackers in the park. Am I missing something?

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