I’m A Limerick A Day, Get Me Out Of Here


That hideous Tory Nadine,
Was placed in a crate with umpteen,
Maggots, crickets and bugs,
And all manner of slugs.
This show’s so much fun it’s obscene.

John Moynes


11 thoughts on “I’m A Limerick A Day, Get Me Out Of Here

  1. RayRay

    Rosie Webster however gave up,
    She’s cute isn’t she the wee pup,
    She can’t wee in the loo,
    Let alone do a poo,
    Sometimes I just wish she’d shurrup!

  2. sickofallthisbs

    Broadsheet editors decided to ask John Moyne
    To write witty limericks in return for some coin
    I’d ask for my money back
    I’d rather drink saliva from a yak
    and be kicked by ten horses in the loin.

  3. SBY

    Not having TV stations is like not have a loose crazy monkey who pees soothing opiates in your mouth as soon as you get home.

  4. Gary Flood

    Come, George, now don’t be such a moan.
    We know that John’s verse makes you groan.
    Jus be thankful that he
    Doesn’t claim any fee
    And – as far as I know – lives alone!

    For without this outlet most poetic
    His existence would be quite pathetic.
    His bags he would pack
    With a stoop in his back
    And live a life peripatetic.

    He’d be forced into working in retail,
    Off’ring up his sweet doggerel for re-sale.
    He’d return to us rich
    And the son of a bitch
    Would regale us with each gory detail.

  5. Frodo Baggins

    You’ve finally done it. You’ve made this worse than I thought it could ever be. You’ve included this utter drivel, an excuse for entertainment.
    I instantly think less of people who watch this. Same goes for most television.

  6. David Bourke

    To escape from the crap called “reality TV”
    I turned to Broadsheet to see what I could see
    Oh SH!T My surprise
    When I opened my eyes
    To find the same tripe looking right back at me.

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