Is Bill Still Going To Space?


“Next year I’m going to be the first Irishman in space.”

A typically humble 2011 address by Bill Cullen to NASA NADA (National Automobile Dealers’ Association of America). ‘Final frontier’ begins at 14.15pm.

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25 thoughts on “Is Bill Still Going To Space?

  1. Derek Bonsai

    Guy is a clown. He attacked people on social welfare while his business only stayed open due to the government scrappage scheme. Another spoofer who is all style over substance.

  2. John Joe Brethren

    “Bill Cullen’s a turd!” “No, he was a job creator” “Ah, he’s a decent chap” “I hate those Dublin scrubbers” “Leave him alone!” “I always hated that SOB!”

    There, I just did all the comments that are coming. So we can skip on to something more interesting now.

  3. Jockstrap

    Any ‘businessman’ who ends up on television is not a good businessman. It demonstrates vanity. And vanity in business will be the end of you.

      1. blagagard

        Trump is not a good business man. He would have made more money in interest if he never spent a penny than he ever did with his business ventures. Being a business man has made him lose money.

    1. Sean

      I disagree , he’s well able to BS and no better place than the States to do it .
      I’d be more interested to see his abilities in dealing with the Financial mess that he’s in right now .

  4. Choppysixty6

    Turnover is vanity profit is sanity ! Bit of advice I was given early on in my business career , maybe Bill should have taken that advice

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