Meanwhile, In Montrose


Why the long face?


Ryan Tubridy and ‘Rudolph The White Nosed Donkey Masquerading As A Reindeer’ on promotional duties for the 2FM/Supervalu toy appeal in the grounds of RTE within the last 30 minutes.

Thanks Yvonne Judge

17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Montrose

  1. Randall

    Has he taken the hint that Craig Doyle took yet ?

    Aww sure we wont know how good they were till they’re gone !!

  2. rugbyfan

    out of picture, mario rosenstock being led away in chains for presenting a really pathetic show last night.

      1. Praetorian.

        Yeah,especially the skit on people getting evicted from their homes….gas.

        Rosensap really needs a smack of a bus.

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