15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On The Frontline

  1. Randall

    Awake and total lookers !!

    Oh not the guy who robbed all his clothes from the boys dept in Pennys, just the 2 ladies.

    Good work Pat.

    1. Shane

      Hey leave that guy alone.

      He’s nice and buys all his clothes in Hollister. And he’s a demon in the sack

  2. fdvhjwbe

    Did three seperate people photograph this and send it in?
    Kenny’s tie is pretty ropey in in all but number 2 nails it.

  3. Fong

    We are in the last weeks of The Frontline era! We shall really miss all the negative bank and corruption stories that makes us depressed and hopeless. We will miss all that juice from 2009 to 2012 where Questions and Answers collided with The Late Late Show. We will miss all the cranks and upstart would be politicians attempting to launch their careers. We will miss all the waffle and lies from existing politicians. One of the true classic TV series of our time has come to an end!! Thank god!

    1. Klarticus

      There’s always the TV3 cycle of antagonism to keep you depressed.
      This week Ireland’s Fattest /Gypsy /dole /cheat /kiddie/smugglers/ gangs etc

  4. Beano77

    That was the Donegal guy who said the entire government was pro-abortion, and that’s partly why he voted no in the Children’s Ref.

  5. Donegal Nonuthin'

    Is it not the guy who laughs and giggles as the guillotine finally falls on his Irish family life, which has been for long the envy of the world, who is nuts? And what is sane about trusting a politician who says he wants to protect all children except those whose parents want to kill them? Keep giggling as you read the proposals of government’s special commission in the next few days.

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