31 thoughts on “Strange. He Never Looked The Type

  1. George Michael

    Now lets see them spend as much time and money convicting every other dealer who supplied an overdose victim

      1. Seán Ó hUisceanna

        She was all that and more. I wept bitter tears when that poor beautiful cailín died. I weep them still, every weekday morning. A little of our innocence died with her. A little of what we used to call Irish.

        Did we grow up as a country on that fateful day? Maybe. Did the Celtic Tiger start to shed its claws? Maybe it did.

        But we lost something too. Something real. Something true. Something borrowed.

        Something blue? Maybe so.

        Maybe so.

  2. padre pedo

    ah the truck driving cocaine supplying socialite

    just goes to show that if hitler was doing coke there would be jews in the bathroom with him asking for a line – old denis leary joke

    1. Roger Melly

      I know some who does that. A creepy little person who has spiked people’s drink with class A drugs just to see what would happen. One day, they’ll find themselves in jail over it.

    1. JonWayne

      Quote: “Mr Powderly added that Ms Buggle would tell the court Ducie was now a changed man.”

      “Mr Powderly” “Pass the Ducie on the left hand side”

  3. Iwerzon

    I can’t believe President Mac Aleese sent her Aid de Camp to this drug abusers funeral in the same couple of days two junkies from north Dublin died of overdose/hypothermia with not a mention in the media. Two tiered abuser status. The media tells us this dickhead killed the model/abuser when me thinks he was her dealer for some time.

    1. johnner

      I’ll never forget Katie’s death, for one reason. Two guys died at a party the week before, and katie decided to write an article about cocaine. It wasn’t written to help steer people away from coke, it was self publicity.

  4. lolly

    I know broadsheet readers like a dance, pity it has to be on this girl’s grave. wonder what her mum or her sister will think if they read this. I am sure none of ye have ever taken drugs or drank ten pints of an evening. I am sure the boy scouts and girl guides are proud of you all.

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