Sunrise Over Dun Laoghaire


From Seapoint, Co Dublin, this morning.

Via Blathnaid Healy

Thanks Aaron McAllorum

Meanwhile, in Dublin city:

Thanks Thorsten TF Pics

Meanwhile, in Sandymount Strand:

Thanks Kate Smith

22 thoughts on “Sunrise Over Dun Laoghaire

    1. Paddy

      Depends on the time of the year. Around the summer equinox the sunrise be beyond the harbour wall when viewed from seapoint.

  1. NefariousFaery

    Beautiful, thanks for putting these up Broadsheet. Can’t see the horizon much here in NYC, lovely to see my home town. I still would love to see all these in a book :) Maybe you can sell it at the Gathering… whatever that is…(sounds a bit like an M. Night Shyamalan movie title.. *shudder*)

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