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  1. Blobster

    I’m unlikely to attend as I have differing views on this topic but I would suggest that this poster/event seems to be voicing two distinct concerns….and one or both may be lost in the confusion. Are the organisers more concerned about the potential negative environmental impacts it being 6km from shore OR are they more concerned with Ireland’s oil and gas fiscal terms?

    Trying to make both arguments at the same time might weaken both I think.

    1. Funk


      1. Don’t drill for oil there! It’s too close to the shore and could be environmentally disastrous.

      2. If you do happen to drill there then make sure you pay a good chunk of your profit to the state.

      1. Blobster

        No – maybe I wasn’t clear. I wouldn’t attend it because I disagree with the stance that the group seems to be taking on both the issues.

        I’m in favour of exploring for oil and gas in Irish waters and disagree that the fiscal terms are too leniant.

    2. A.Taxpayer

      They’re essentially NIMBYs. Any argument that disguises that agenda is acceptable to them. With their money you’d think their paid PR would be a bit more polished.

      1. oilsick

        This is not just nimbyism. Simple facts – if we were to follow international best practices the rig would be no closer than 25km’s from the shoreline. This rig will only be 6 km’s from the shoreline. If there were a spill, oil would be onshore within one hour. Secondly, thanks to Bertie Ahern and Ray Burke’s giveaway terms, the governments tax take would be negligible. In light of this, do you really think it’s worth the risk? Also, It’s a Dublin issue – the bay in it’s entirity from Howth to Wicklow would be affected. The only people this will bring wealth and prosperity to if there is oil found is Tony O’ Reilly and Providence resources.

        1. paul

          I think someone using the term Nimby when we’re talking about a focking oil well is brilliant.

          ‘ooh not in my back yard, how precious!’ – it’s a f*cking oil/gas timebomb, I can’t think of any better reason to say Not in my back yard!

          And to the other poster who doesn’t think the handover of resources for free and no tax or royalties isn’t lenient enough, should we pay them to make a profit or something?

          1. Blobster

            I said that I “…disagree that the fiscal terms are too leniant”. I did not say that they are not leniant enough.

            Your assertion that there is no tax take is simply untrue. We may debate how much can be written off, etc but there is a tax take and these write-offs can only happen once.

            An oil/gas exploration well is not, how did you put it, a “f*cking oil/gas timebomb”. That is ridiculous, overly dramatic scaremongering. It is a piece of infrastructure….therefore the NIMBY acronym is very apt.

    3. oilsick

      blobster … how can you call it a piece of infrastructure when it will not create one job (providence have admitted this) and the tax take to the state would be negligible?

  2. Diabhal

    Weren’t there some rumblings of a similar sort from Down The Country at some stage in recent years?
    Never really ascertained the details – on the few occasions I managed to wrestle past the apathy that inevitably attaches to mucksavage misfortune, I couldn’t understand a word the peasants were saying. The Guards looked like they were having a total blast, though, I have to say.
    OMG, they’re not going to baton-charge Killiney Castle, are they?
    Are they?

    1. SBY

      I might be wrong but I believe their objections in the main stem from concerns over potential damage to a fragile coastal eco-system.

    2. oilsick

      Do you not realise that the whole of Dublin Bay will be affected by this, and not just Dalkey/Killiney? Why should where somebody is from or their social background preclude them from opposing this? And by the way, Pat or Bono have not publicly expressed an opinion, as far as I am aware.

  3. Phil

    Well its will be interesting to see how they organize their campaign compared to shell to see, and also will be interesting to see how the Gardai handle the inevitable protests , blocking of roads etc…

    But i suppose we should remain quite until the Facts are explained in a clear and impartial manner :-)

    1. Big Bad

      Pretty sure the auld drilling rig wont be driving down Killiney Main St.

      There wont be much of a blockade unless the residents start tieing their private yauchts together in front of the rig.

  4. cyclecrunk

    an oil spill would destroy the radioactive biosystem thriving in the irish sea, thus depriving us of the potential to develop super mutant powers. I’m against.

  5. ih

    hopefully the meeting goes well and they can establish a collective voice that will be heard by Enda and the boys. And who cares whether it’s the rich or poor who finally get through to the lads in power, so long as they achieve something for the common good.

  6. Wittyname

    Nimby indeed, some of the more high profile protesters fly around the world, drive big-ass cars. The oil must come from somewhere if you insist on using it.

    1. oilsick

      We all use oil …. just because somebody has more money does’nt mean they can’t object to this. This affects anyone who uses Dublin Bay as an amenity, and considering that dublin has a population of over one million people it will have an impact on many, many of us who are not “high profile protestors” as you put it. I just can’t understand this attitude from people on here who think that the only people who are going to be affected by this are some rich folks in Dalkey who have a rake of money and therefore have no right to object.

  7. Flahoola

    Anyone who enjoy’s a dip in the 40 foot, sailing at Howth, dogging at Dollymount Strand etc. whatever your reasons for using any of the amenities along Dublin Bay you should be proud of our land and respect Mother Nature and oppose the Oil Rig purely due to the dangers and risks from an Oil Spill!

  8. pauly g

    Loved the piece on Matt Cooper earlier. John Teeling put it best when he said the oil companies involved would take all necessary safety measures so nothing would go wrong. He then went on to say oil companies haven’t damaged the enviornment anywhere in the world. He also said oil prospecting doesn’t make any money, only costs companies money. Sounds like a good business model. Spend more than you make.

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