22 thoughts on “There’s Always One (IRFU)

  1. missred

    Saw him smoking outside a pub in Clontarf during the Six Nations. Naturally, Ireland lost most of those matches

  2. hmb

    The boring answer is they are robably using it for tactics/training, I know that NFL teams have them set up to use as playbooks and I think Saracens use them as a training device

  3. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    Checking to see if his ronnie won him some Halo vouchers? But with the broadsheet app he couldn’t hold it that way

  4. Rompsky

    Pretty sure he would be watching his clips from the match. They have pretty nifty software that breaks it down to each individual player so they can see their scrums, carries, lineouts etc.

    1. Gabriel Rodriguez

      Or videos of scrums/other set pieces from the training session. A lot easier to see what your own form is like and adjust accordingly rather than have someome vaguely telling you that you’re arching your back/not going in square/sticking your arse out etc.

  5. Definition

    I heard an anecdote the other day, Department of Education gave IT grants to schools to buy laptops and programmes (100m plus) for PE etc last year. PE teacher I know told me one IPad with all the free or minimal cost sport’s apps would have been just better at 5% of the cost. Brown envelope or incopetence, you decide.

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