32 thoughts on “They’re Back

  1. Jess

    Dublin city council were pretty much owned after the first one of these when someone put up their own poster accusing them of incallcubale vandalism in building on wood quay

  2. SOMK

    So clever, tell you what, if you’re so concerned about a vast wastage of public money why don’t you plonk there things on the buildings in NAMA?

    €350,000 of TAXPAYERS money spent every year removing graffiti from the streets?

    How about €30,000,000,000 spent on NAMA?

    How about €65,000,000,000 poured into the banks (to keep them lending! LOL)?

    How about €400,000,000,000 in contingent liabilities we’ve taken on board from the banks as part of the bank guarantee?

    How about €36,000,000,000 of bondholders still to be paid back?

    How about €18,000,000,000 spent servicing our debts last year alone?

    How about the €3,100,000,000 promissory note due to be paid in March this year?

    How about the estimated total cost of €80,000,000,000+ we’ll have to pay back to cover the losses of the IBRC over the next twenty years?

    But nah, some eegit scrawling “Bono is a pox” on a wall somewhere, that’s the real scourge!

    1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

      Lock the doors and leave the place go shite, that’s your solution? Would you ever…..

  3. Le catch

    Whoever put up the grey paint over the original artwork of the Porche and BMW is a bigger pox.

    They were there for years on Stephen Street Upper.

    1. Barton Keyes

      Yeah it’s a bit rough seeing decent drawings being painted over, that paint then being scrawled over and then the (admittedly quite clever) council counter response only addressing the ‘surface problem’ if you will.

      I do hate shit graffiti though…..

      …..but Bono IS a pox….

      I’m so conflicted….

  4. bucko

    I can understand the council view on this, lot’s of this “Graffiti” is just awful. Perhaps if we had a designated area as they do in some cities? And Rail line and trams are fair game. But seriously, some good graffiti would be nice.

  5. Shapey Fiend

    Grafitti has existed since the cavemen. Can’t get why people dislike it that much to me it just seems natural. There’s always going to be more bad than good because being good takes years of practice. Most of the places get hit heavily are ugly or not directly visible so it’s usually an improvement.

  6. Mick

    lol €350,000 of TAXPAYERS money spent every year removing graffiti from the streets………….. how much of that came from Bono the pox ? :D

  7. Aram

    This graffiti has an important message. Especially for foreigners and tourists not in the know regarding Bono’s poxiness.

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