“The way decision are made in this university is such that a very small number of people, of the staff, in fact 20 per cent of the whole staff make the decisions which affect the rest of the university. That would mean 100 people in all make decisions that affect 10,000.”

Ruairi Quinn, (above), March, 1969.

Fancy that.

Watch here: Student Unrest At UCD (EUscreen)

7 thoughts on “UCD,1969

    1. Cathal

      If there were 500 staff, 20% is 100. Plus 9,500 students.

      Was the issue not lack of student reps on any of the governing bodies?

  1. C

    Typical UCD, changing the time of a meeting from 10.30am to 7pm…. sure can’t be doing anything at such an ungodly hour! LOL

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