Tintin In Cork


Mark writes:

I thought you might appreciate this new illustration by Gráinne Tynan. Apparently it’s Tintin, Captain Haddock and Snowy after a few pints, enjoying a breast in a bun and a dip in the fountain on Grand Parade. You can buy the prints here.


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19 thoughts on “Tintin In Cork

  1. Joxer

    its the one thing about the Corkies that i like….they have a ( some might say misguided) sense of pride in the greatness of Cork, its denizens and all that goes with it…you could be the biggest bollix on the planet but if you went to the North Mon sure the Corkies would excuse you anything…..

    Us Dubs however (although of a far superior stock and with much much more to celebrate) dont have that affinity with ourselves and if one does express a love of Dub one is usually portrayed as a lower class skanger….. :)

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