Why Is This Man Doing This?


Minutes ago.

Maxi writes:

Does anybody know why this guy is power washing off the Carroll Transport sign on John Rogerson’s Quay [Dublin]? It has been there for decades as far as I know…Just interested to know why somebody has decided to remove it.

49 thoughts on “Why Is This Man Doing This?

  1. Just sayin'

    I like the “Finn’s Hotel” sign near Trinity (South Leinster Street?). There’s a few more on Talbot Street I think.

  2. Flash

    They’re clearing off space so someone can write “grift” on there, just like every other flat surface in the city.

      1. Gabriel Rodriguez

        Say what ya want about Grift, but you have to admire how much ground he covered. Like freekin’ everywhere.


        1. helen

          guy was an ars*hole – wow, i can write my tag on a lot of things. seriously? he needed to get a life.

  3. BLC

    I’ve no idea, and it seems a shame. But for any question of “why is this man doing X?”, a good working answer is usually “sexual pleasure.”

  4. Munkifisht

    F*cking disgusted. I worked in that building when we were developing the O2 building next door. Really amazing piece of land. I think it’s been renovated since, but there were amazing pieces of art deco in the offices during my few months.

    1. Timmy

      The people asking, and the interested commenters too. People can have different interests to you, it’s a wonderful thing really.

    2. anon

      The work may be destroying a protected structure and part our more modern heritage not yet appreciated as such.

    1. kath

      I’ve only ever seen it on bridges (the first of which was the Sean O’Casey bridge). Is it on footpaths too? Speaking of urban art…I was gutted when Karma’s “Thug Life” was removed from the Dublin Dockland’s Association’s headquarters. But what was stranger still was when someone removed (what I assume) was the city sanctioned art that used to hang the length of the DDDA’s headquarter’s across from Jury’s. It only brightened up that length of quays. I thought I saw a piece of it during the tall ships festival, tucked behind some street off the Grand Canal Docks. Anyone?

  5. Alan Byrne

    Does it not refer to the grumpy old troll who lives under the bridge? I believe “Dora the Explorer” is the source material for this one… (Damn kids!)

    1. huppenstop

      Does no one know the story of the Billy Goats Gruff anymore? Source of the original bridge/troll narrative paradigm. Kids these days. Tsk

      1. Mister Mister

        Can’t believe someone thinks it originated from Dora. Although I did read someone asking what the Rocky theme was as they never heard it before. I now understand the reasons behind the saying “Kids should be seen and not heard”.
        One is that they say stupid things.
        Secondly, they make me feel old.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Ah kids, I was online yesterday and came across some commenter who thought Sweet Dreams was originally written by Marylin Manson….. oh, how I laughed. I won’t insult anyone by mentioning the original song writers.

  6. Helen O'Rahilly

    Many of these ‘ghost signs’ are such a great part of a city’s history….there are many websites devoted to old signage in London and New York. Awful to see a classic sign obliterated.

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