45 thoughts on “Did You See ‘Anglo: The Musical’ Last Night?

  1. Sir Timothy

    Fantastic. Laugh a minute stuff with plenty of cutting digs. Mark O’Regan was menacing as the S***ie F***P**rick character. Music a bit duff though.

  2. Big Man

    It wasn’t great in fairness, especially the singing. You couldn’t make out the words when the men sang together. It takes the most simplistic view of things and all the “comedy” was so obvious it was vulgar, like it was written for idiots. Looks like it was thrown together in half a day by someone who’s only contact with the world was through Joe Higgins and Occupy Dame Street!!!

    The writer couldn’t jam in enough “we were just simple people who were taken in and destroyed by the D4 set” through the characters, so the end of the play was just a voice over ramble about how Ireland sold its sovereignty to Germany and was now just an outpost of Europe.

    Having said that, although me and the people I attended with, along with some other people sitting around us, were not really laughing a lot (admittedly, there is one very good bit) there were some people who were howling with laughter throughout, almost unable to contain themselves or remain sitting in their chairs. It was a bit odd.

    1. Cranky

      I saw Mario Rosenstock last year, had a similar experience. i dodn’t get it, others were in ribbons of laughter…we left at the interval.

    2. Jude S

      Yeah, this is what we need more of on Broadsheet: Palestines like Big Man here who probably dont even get the subtle humour of the play.

  3. Jenny

    I saw this Tuesday night, was brilliant, Bertie and Cowen puppets were spot on. Disturbing scene including leather underwear and sex with a puppet I had to burn out of my mind though!! Disturbing!

  4. d

    less of the spoilers please or alternatively i could just stop reading these comments but that would limit my trolling ability and spell checking…

    1. frillykeane

      That’s allright … What’s wrong with ya?

      By the way, I’ll happily pay 10 times that for 2 Justin Bieber tickets

      Ahem. #IDon’tNormallyDoThis. Ahem…

  5. No Fun

    There’s no subtlety in this musical, it’s one giant ham-fisted effort.
    Which is disappointing, but unsurprising.
    It’s the kind of vulgar dross that you bandy about with friends in the pub but doesn’t play well to a larger audience or outsiders your group.
    You really have to go in wanting to laugh, and have low expectations for humour, to enjoy this.
    In the same way you have to go in to like being in a mosh pit in a punk rock concert to enjoy being in a mosh pit at a punk rock concert.
    There’s nothing to enjoy on a casual level here.
    If you go in expecting a musical or play to be enjoyed as a play or a musical, you’ll be very disappointed.
    If you go in saying “Oh I hope someone does an impression of Bertie that makes him look like a fool!” or “I hope someone uses the word **** or **** because those words are hilarious!” or “I hope someone says “Roish” or “morto”!” then you’ll enjoy every tedious second of this.

  6. Ben Archibald

    I enjoyed it very much. There were a very few moments lost on me as a Brit Nordy, but in general the whole thing was great. One or two sound issues in the first few scenes, but great knockabout comedy stuff.

    It doesn’t quite seem to know if it’s outraged or amused at the crisis, and some of the musical numbers are a bit paddywhackery, but in general, I walked away feeling glad I’d gone. Loved it, in fact.

  7. Boo

    I think everyone there last night was on a freebee.

    We got our money’s worth.

    Occasionally funny, often not. When it was at its funniest it was also at its most depressing.

    Poor sound quality and a few staging hiccups, hopefully both will be ironed out for future shows, but the actors (Is that what they’re called in musicals?) did well with what they were given.

    A cultural phenomenon, which is worth a look, probably not worth a 50 quid ticket price and definitely not worth the cost of a promissory note.

  8. Shooter McGavin

    Was at it last night. It was occasionally funny. The sound quality was shocking especially in the first scene when a number of the Anglo boys sang together. The musical numbers were abysmal on the whole. I could barely whistle one now if asked. Luckily I was on a freebee because I wouldn’t pay to see it.

    1. Jim Boner

      I was there last night too, few sound problems, but the songs were great. We all walked to the pub after whistling away, you must have a tone deaf buddy :)

      1. Nidge The Dealer

        Nope… the sounds was appalling when there was more than one voice going at a time. I heard half the theater complaining about it on the way out the door.

  9. pimpernel

    I was one of the stupider people who paid to see this tripe, at 35 per head which is worse! I can only echo the comments about dreadful sound quality and the simpletons script that passed for humour.

    I felt sorry for the actors as they had little to work with but the estate agent puppet woman did her best and had a decent voice too.

    It might play well abroad as an “Oirish” musical but they would to have to up production quality to impress audiences.

    The script just was not funny and its a great opportunity wasted to lampoon the entire situation. Instead of a satire that makes you think and laugh, it was a polemic that did nothing to skewer any of the architects of Anglos downfall. The music would have been ashamed of itself to be heard in an elevator.

    Like its namesake Anglo this was a bust.

    1. Jim Boner

      if you weren’t into Paul Howard’s humour, you shouldn’t have gone. Frankly, it’s your ignorance for expecting content other than what was advertised that’s a notable point!! It’s a Ronseal Musical… claims brash humour and catchy tunes, and it delivered exactly what it said on the tin!

  10. Mr Meh

    I’ll never go to a new Irish musical until there are plenty of verifiable proper reviews- Alice in Funderland and Blow up the Liffey bridges were two of the most heinous affronts to theatre I have ever seen, I didn’t make it to the end of either- oh and the reviews for Alice on twatter were all positive! Guess that tells you again what Twitter is for.

  11. Liz

    Okay, so it’s not Andrew Lloyd Weber or Oscar Wilde…but my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it and welcomed the opportunity to have a good belly laugh over Ireland’s catastrophic collapse. For those who want a serious debate they can always stay in and watch Vincent Brown.

  12. Louise byrne

    The sound was so bad it was impossible to get the jokes. For the price paid it is absurd not to be able to hear.

  13. Noel

    Saw it tonight. Thought it was good entertainment and a few good laughs. The sound desk took about 10 mins to get the mix right at the beginning, but after that the sound was ok. My wife loved it.

  14. Mossie

    The whole thing was abysmal. I stopped trying to concentrate on hearing mid-way through the first half as the whole thing was amateur and unfunny so wasn’t bothered straining my hearing. Contemplated leaving at half time. 44 euro for a night of total dross. DO NOT GO TO THIS MUSICAL. It was SO bad I would have preferred to give the ticket charge to Anglo.

    1. Rugbyfan

      Went along on Friday. Expecting the worst however it wasn’t that bad
      It did feel a bit like a school play with a 18 cert due to language etc.
      Those around who laughed seemed to do so because they had too although some jokes did bring a smile to this theatre goers face. The theatre wasn’t full either and I did feel a little sorry for the cast.

      All in all I would say it did poke a little at Ireland of the Celtic Tiger years and theat in itself was quite depressing!

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