How Bureaucracy Killed A Woman (Dr Manny Alvarez,

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      1. missred

        Ah, saw that one earlier. Well, at least he keeps it brief, to the point and he’s actually qualified to theorise on this sort of matter. Fox publishing something vaguely reasonable and not full of hysteria? I’m in shock.

    1. johnner

      “Maternal mortality was the leading cause of death centuries ago. But it seems in some part of the world, they have forgotten past history and many of these unfortunate events seem to repeat themselves.”

      1. Rufty

        I don’t like that quota as it gives the impression that maternal mortality rates here are high when in fact it’s quite the opposite. We have the 3rd best record here internationally. The law is still an ass however.

  1. KeithFahey’s Moustache

    I am pretty sure it was Stupidity, malpractice, plain ignorance, political cowardice or all of the above that killed this poor women not bureaucracy

  2. Niall

    “But, yet, after reading this story – it seems bureaucratic rules interfered with good medical practice. And, of course, this unfortunate patient died of septic shock.”

    So, it was big gubbmint / public sector inefficiency wot done it, not the fact thst law of the land is dangerously unclear, owing to cynical political calculus. So, on the one hand socialised medicine, per Fox, is A Bad Thing because contributions can be put towards abortion, on the other it’s also A Bad Thing because where no adequate guidelines, training or legal framework are in place, abortions may not be performed where needed. At least it’s a marginally less offensive example of ontological closure than the nonsense being trotted out by Youth Defence et al. Marginally.

  3. Zuppy International

    Well abortion week has been a great success so far for the Irish media. Congratulations everyone.

    Now, does anybody know what happened to the state sponsored ‘Children’s Kidnapping Referendum’? Is there going to be a challenge to its validity after the Supreme Court decided the state broke its own rules on referendums? Has Mickey Tweedle Dee Dumb signed it into the constitution yet?

    I think we should be told.

    1. JimmyV

      Don’t be stupid

      FIRST: We have to legislate to have the unwanted children killed in utero.

      only THEN can we sort out the jigs and reels of kidnapping the unwanted brats.

      It’s basic logistics!

      1. Frodo Baggins

        Ah come on, Zuppy is gas. I only started reading his posts. It’s mad there’s someone this mental out there. Properly unstable man. Actually that’s not that funny….But it is when they start talking politics. I’d love to have a look at his internet history….Actually I think it might be Jim Corr.

  4. Twunt

    I think this is not getting enough coverage.

    AN INTERNATIONAL symposium on maternal healthcare in Dublin at the weekend has concluded that abortion is never medically necessary to save the life of a mother.

    Eamon O’Dwyer, professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynaecology at NUI Galway and a conference organiser, said its outcome would provide “clarity and confirmation” to doctors and legislators dealing with these issues.

    Indeed Eamon, indeed.

      1. well

        because the baby still had a heartbeat. which put the doctors in the position of avoiding terminating it for three days until it finally died.

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