Fancy Sharing A Cardboard Flat In Dublin?


The occupant of this cardboard lined apartment in Lad Lane, Dublin 2 is currently seeking flatmate(s). Pets allowed, couples accepted.

Presumably non-smokers. Or very, very heavy smokers.

Can it be real? You be the judge.

Moxie Studios, Lad Lane, Off Baggot Street, Dublin 2 (

(Hat tip: Shane O’Leary)

21 thoughts on “Fancy Sharing A Cardboard Flat In Dublin?

        1. Tickle


          OK Genius…

          You decipher..
          “Presumably non-smokers. Or very, very heavy smokers”

          If one can assume you want non-smokers for the obvious fire hazard reasons… I think it is safe to guess that by wanting very, very heavy smokers it’s a reference to being a pot smoking type that would live in a fuking house that is lined with cardboard…

    1. Lemonheadlenny

      Very, very heavy smokers- those happy to live in a dwelling that will inevitably burn down leading to very, very significant smoke inhalation.

  1. Charley Horse

    Yep, must be an installation piece from one of the resident artists at Moxie Studios. Nice move putting it on daft.

  2. kay actually called the artist and gave him an earful [pffff]. It is part of the New Living Art Exhibition of the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art taking place in Moxie Studios and Steambox until De 9. Come check out the insane level of detail he put into it, down to the remote control for the TV. Just one of over 20 works- the pigfoot endtable is nice too.

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