He Is Among Us


New age mystic Deepak Chopra at Trinity College, Dublin, this morning.

He later tweeted:


Wait until he visits UCD.

25 thoughts on “He Is Among Us

    1. well

      I believe they are both Indian, it’s a bit like the Irish surname Byrne, doesn’t mean they are related.

  1. Kelvin Sprocket &The Widgets

    Crackpot, uses the word quantum to garner respect from the ignorant. Total fraud.

  2. John

    The kind of ideas he puts across are nothing new, they are inspired from a cross section of remarkable philosophers and thinkers going back many centuries in the East. The recent surge of interest in things from the East seem to me to be part of a search for a better way of living ina destroyed country with despression and suicide levels through the roof.
    Theres plenty of drivel in the area of course but all I can say from personal experience of trying meditation and opening myself to the ‘experience’ of energy flow that runs concurrently through meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Reiki in recent years is that my health has improved ten fold without question as a result particularly when it comes to meditation and how much more content I feel.
    Thats coming from someone who would happily play frisbee with any ‘new age’ CD. I dont know, I dont actually know much about Tupac Showrooms and sure he looks like a bit of a wolly but just saying having such a knee jerk reaction to anything ‘vaguely spiritual’ just keeps the door closed to new experience. There might be something to what he has to say.

  3. Rock Shandy

    @John “There might be something to what he has to say.”

    There might be, but there probably isn’t. It’s bunkum that’s lapped up by Gulla Bulls. Your self assessed improvement in feeling good is more likely to be placebo effect. But still, whatever works, right? You feel better and so does the guy peddling the stuff.

    A large number of people have switched from conventional religion to this nonsense. They’ve switched brands but their need for a sky fairy still remains.

    1. John

      Well if the steady vibration that settles the nervous system through focusing on ones breath resulting in better blood flow benefitting all the bodies organs, lowering stress and releasing endorphins causing a state of bliss is placebo. Ill have some more placebo please.

  4. C Sharp

    His Twitter feed* is nauseating.
    Self help gloop for simpletons.

    *actually, that should have had a category of its own in yer twitter info-graphic of t’other day.

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