Judge Of The Day


Justice Martin Nolan.

Yes, him again (and again).

Jane Ruffino (37) said she believes the justice system has failed her after a judge granted a suspended sentence to her attacker on condition that he pay her more than €5,000 in compensation.
Judge Martin Nolan imposed a two-and-a-half year sentence which he suspended on condition that he pay her €2,000 immediately and another €3,000 within a year as a token of remorse for the attack that left her with a permanent scar on her face.

Journalist Hits Out At Justice System As Attacker Walks Free (Alison Bray and Fiona Ferguson, Independent.ie)


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  1. Emma

    These cases of compensation to the victim seem to happen solely to cases of violence towards women

    the excuse being “he’s never done anything like this before”

    my understanding of Ireland now is that you need to attack a woman twice before you can actually get punished!

    1. Paul

      I’ve seen quite a few case of women getting suspended sentence’s for assaults, no fines.
      One recently where a women nearly cut off a mans testicles and received only a 18 months suspended sentence.

  2. Klarticus

    At least the judge convicted , ridiculous outcome but What was the alternative ? A custodial sentence ( with leave to appeal) accused spends a few months in a revolving door open prison with time off the sentence for good behaviour ?
    Justice System seems to be all about protecting the offender

    1. ScaryLady

      YES a custodial sentence. What are you saying here – that the price of a second-hand car is punishment enough for attacking and permanently scarring your girlfriend? Really?

        1. Frodo Baggins

          Custodial sentence, a fine, a lifetime position on a violent offenders register (genuinely believe this should exist), second convicted offence – 10 yr sentence mandatory…

          In a perfect world though eh?

      1. Klarticus

        No what I’m saying is that in a lot of domestic abuse cases never make it to court & even when they do judges don’t even convict first offenders when the legal team have ‘ convincingly ‘used the argument that he is unlikely to re offend
        we’d all like to think that a conviction & custodial sentence puts the offender away for a very long time
        Experience has shown that this is not the case
        But If you’re saying that the compensation should be more then I agree , although the victim is always going to feel like justice wasn’t done.

  3. Pinkman

    I have no issue at all with compensation as part of a sentence but not as a replacement for a custodial one.

    It’s clear this particular judge has a peculiar sense of ‘justice’ and ought not be allowed preside over cases involving violence against women. And if the rules don’t allow that, then fire him.

    He’s a disgrace.

    1. Tara Walsh

      Spot on!! People appear to be losing sight of the fact that the system shouldn’t be the way it is, and muppets like him giving out “fines” for absue just further aggrivates the situation. Domestic abuse, violence against another shouldn’t be tolerated. The system needs to change and judges with this type of mindset just set things back years. It may be his type of “justice” but as with most of the judicial system, the government, if they were faced with the situation or were in the position, I guarantee they would not be so quick to judge or rule as they do.

    2. Paul

      Do you have some figures showing that this judge issues more lenient sentences in cases where the victims of assaults are women?

      From what I see you can assault anyone, male or female, in this country and expect nothing more than a slap on the wrists.

  4. I P Freely

    It’s a disgrace. He beat up his girlfriend and the punishment sounds like he didn’t pay his f**king TV licence. People are not afraid of fines. Custodial sentence required, make him and others like him think twice before raising their fists.

  5. Shocked!

    This guy is getting worse by the week, I couldn’t agree more, I’m sure he would change his attitude if it was his wife or daughter in the same position as this victim. We clearly don’t have any sort of even half decent judicial system in this country anymore, shocking!!

  6. collie147

    The problem is Judges aren’t subject to review!
    The Government is, the legal system is, why aren’t the ones that enforce it?

  7. Irwin Linker

    Could somebody please send me on a link to a price listing for criminal offences in Ireland. I’m thinking of getting up to no good but would like to know what I can and can’t afford in advance.


  8. pissedasanewt

    The only way this guys sentencing would lead to jail time is if after paying over 5k he would not be able to afford to pay his tv license and end up in jail for 6 months.

    If this was the US she’d probably bring that guy to the civil courts and be awarded millions. Here, its 5k.

    1. Oh Danny Boy.......

      I think the size of the “damage” is a little irrelevant. The problem is this judge repeatedly lets men who assault women off with fines and suspended sentences.

      1. Klarticus

        Judge also has to take the plea of guilty into consideration ,mandatory custodial sentencing would offer no incentive to the defendant to plead guilty & could lead to a far more confrontational trial where the burden of proof would be carried entirely by the prosecution . Not to mention the added trauma piled upon the victim & it’s much more difficult to convict( Or to even get the Dpp to agree to prosecute ) If the case amounts to one persons word against another’s

      2. Nidge The Dealer

        It’s not a gender issue. Martin Nolan is an idiot when it comes to crimes against both men and women.

  9. Mickey Winner

    These broadsheet comments are pathetic. The judge concerned is a honorable man, and the position needs to be respected. he is not a disgrace. The comments here and the actions of Ruffino in running to the press are.

    Is she wasn’t a journo, an American, and a mouth almightly on Twitter would any of you give a shit? How about domestic violence in Limerick. Or the murder of Nicola Furlong in Japan? Where’s the outrage?

    Frankly, what does @janeruffino want? More incarceration? For what? More jails? Justice has been done. If she doesn’t like Irish judicidial processes then go home.

    If she had had any sense of style or real concern she would donate the 5K to a women’s refuge and move on. But no, continues straight to Twitter to bleat about injustice and the rest.

    1. Dudley Colley (@thecorpo)

      I gave a shit anytime I read about this Judge’s dreadful sentencing, don’t be such an arsehole.

      I was born and bred here, and am appalled at the lack of justice in this and other mentioned cases. A custodial sentence should be mandatory in cases of brutal violence, and I find it hard to entertain any argument otherwise. If our system can’t handle it, that’s the systems problem, not the victims.

  10. Susan

    For the record, I have deactivated my twitter account, I don’t follow Jane Ruffino, know nothing about her, or the judge, and I haven’t clicked on the link. But I find your tribal Irish nativism (I’d say racism but white foreigners have also been the victim of this bile) so vilely unattractive – “an American and a mouth almighty”, Jesus – that she has my support because I have nearly worn out my last nerve trying to dissociate myself from thick pig ignorant Paddies like you and the ugly legacy of what your like have done to my country.

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