Sure Where Would You Get It?


Grafton Street, Dublin.

Getting its Bet Lynch on earlier.

Brian Kennedy did the honours:

David Hemp with daughters Willow and Layla.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

16 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?


    In Blanch and Dundrum the decorations went up Nov 1st.
    That means that if they don’t come down ’til the 6th Jan, they’re up over 18% of the year.

    No wonder it doesn’t feel as special as it did when we were younger.

    1. Frodo Baggins

      And your life is 95% boring if you’ve been bothered so much to count the days and then get the percentage… lighten up folks.

      1. Jockstrap

        No. They have a point. We don’t all want dazzle and flash all the f*cking time. We’re don’t all have attention deficit and need constant poking and shouting.

  2. The Sindo & Herald school of thought

    Nordies, coming down here taking xmas-light-switch-on jobs from Irish people

  3. James M. Chimney

    The lights go on all over Cabra West this weekend. A true winter wonderland that would warm the chestnuts of the most bitter cynic.

  4. figsy

    I wouldn’t count the lights as part of he whole “sure you’d be sick of it by christmas thing”, I mean, they’re lovely, like

    1. Frodo Baggins

      This!! THIS!! A thousand times THIS!
      Lights are great! And people every year go on about how it’s too early for Christmas … It’s a conversation from the barber’s handbook of small talk “Off anywhere nice for your holidays or just home for the Christmas?” … “Shockin early to be having the Christmas music on the radio isn’t it?” “Have ye your shopping done? Or even started? Wha!! Arrah stop!” – Get a foreign barber. They talk less and cut hair better.

      Today’s rant has been brought to you by; several cups of coffee and a chocolate biscuit

      1. missred

        The lights are the bit I actually don’t get sick of. (The ones in town, not the monstrosities in aforementioned Cabra West)

        Agree with your point on barbers/hairdressers. Just shut the hell up and cut my hair, alright? I have actually found an Irish one who can do a fantastic job and keep her mouth shut.

        1. Frodo Baggins

          Where?! I must know! I go to Knights usually, there’s an eastern european guy in there who does a great job.

          Reminds me of a joke…or a story that actually happened .. I’m a little fuzzy on the details:

          Man walks into a barber
          “And how would you like your hair cut, sir?””
          “In silence.”

  5. frillykeane

    Ah c’mon, Who doesn’t love Christmas lights and the Christmas decs?

    I’d forgive the moans about getting them down out of the attic, the trauma of getting the fairy lights going and the pack up in Janu

    I’d even forgive the moan about the state of BT’s window,…. Christ ’tis terrible

    But anyone who doesnt smile at the twinklies on their way home of an evening, or keep an eye out for the giant Santy showing his arse on a roof (Kildare Road btw) needs help. Seriously.

    Ho Ho Ho

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